There are three major political parties, namely PPP, PML(N) and PTI contesting next general elections. Two of them have been in power at federal and provincial level, while third has held power in KPK only, and may claim benefit of doubt. Excluding ZAB’s tenure, can PPP which has headed provincial government in Sindh as long as PML)N) has in Punjab, compare best one square mile in Larkana with best similar area in Lahore, viz-a-viz quality of civic amenities, roads, hospitals, schools, amenity parks, security etc. 

Numerous corruption charges have been leveled against PML(N), following Panama disclosure. Their leadership own properties abroad, which they cannot justify by their declared incomes, nor can they provide money trail for numerous properties and assets owned abroad. When not in power MNS prefers to live abroad. Similar allegations are leveled against Asif Zardari and his family. Both these political leaders have set a record of sorts, spending hundreds of days abroad with their families who live there, while they held highest public office. Incidences of State Land grabbing in Sind are far more than anywhere else. State Owned Enterprises have been driven to bankruptcy by corrupt and unqualified cronies selected as CEO by both parties, while their own industrial empires expanded. 

Karachi till mid 80’s was undeniably best city in Pakistan, far better than Lahore. Today Karachi has been reduced to garbage dump and even basic item of necessity like water does not flow from taps, although citizens pay relevant utility bills. Law and order, cleanliness etc in Karachi is despicable as compared to Lahore. Similar is situation if a comparative analysis is made of rural districts in both provinces. 


Lahore, May 22.