PESHAWAR - The villagers affected by the Warsak Dam construction have expressed their concern over the non-payment of royalty withheld from the last several years, and demanded of the government to adjust the royalty amount in their electricity and gas utility bills of constituency PK-7.

Speaking at a press conference here at Press Club on Monday, Khidmatgar Qaumi Jirga, President Arbab Shaheryar, said that since the villages were affected by the dam, its residents are entitled to five per cent of the dam’s net hydel profits. However, he said the villagers, who fall in the PK-7 constituency, have not been paid the promised amount for the past decade.

Flanked by the Jirga Chairman, Haji Sarwar Din, Haji Jumma Zada, and other executive members, he said the Khidmatgar Qaumi Jirga is apolitical and only geared towards ensuring rights of the affected people. Following the apathy of elected representatives and politicians, the Jirga has decided to field their own candidate for the PK-7 constituency for forthcoming general election. The members of Jirga informed that they had nominated Arbab Shaheryar Khan for PK-7 and Ajmal Khan from constituency NA-3 to contest in next election.

The members urged the residents and workers from various political parties to support and elect the candidates. On the occasion, they also announced to constitute a committee for holding negotiation with other political and religious parties for seat-to-seat adjustment. The members of the committee were included Haji Sarwar Din, Haji Jumma Zada, Gulfaham, Faiz Mohammad and Akram Umarzai, they added.

They also appealed the Election Commission of Pakistan to notice for using of development funds for election campaign and other political purpose in constituency PK-7. They further demanded for adjustment royalty amount in electricity and gas utilities bills.