LAHORE- The Punjab government seems to have abandoned the idea of convening Punjab Assembly’s last session, perhaps, fearing an anticipated onslaught by the Opposition over Badami Bagh incident.

Sources in Punjab Assembly said Monday that there was no likelihood of any Assembly session taking place before dissolution of the Assemblies. “No summary has been moved by the law department to summon the Assembly”, they confirmed.

 The Opposition also does not seem to be in a mood to requisition the last session. “In case the Opposition sends a requisition, the Speaker is required to convene the session within 14 days. But the Assemblies might be dissolved much earlier”, Deputy Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Shaukat Basra told TheNation, hinting at government-opposition consensus over same-day dissolution of the Assemblies. 

Earlier, Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal had chaired an emergency meeting of business advisory committee of the Assembly last week to build consensus on convening the last session before March 16.  Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah, Opposition Leader Raja Riaz and Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood had attended the meeting with Speaker Rana Iqbal in the chair. 

The purpose of holding this meeting was to set the agenda for what was then being called a farewell session of Punjab Assembly.  It was decided in that meeting that law department would move the summary for convening of the session, most probably on March 13.

The government had then given the indication that Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif would also attend the brief session which would be followed by a photo session and a farewell dinner. 

The National Assembly would complete its tenure on March 16 while the provincial assemblies would be completing their constitutional terms on different dates afterwards with Punjab Assembly completing its term on April 8. 

Sources in the Punjab Assembly confided to TheNation that consensus has been reached between the government and the opposition to dissolve the assemblies on the dame day (March 17) after national assembly completes it term on March 16.

This would also pave the way for holding of elections for national and provincial assemblies on the same day.