GUJRANWALA - NA-100 Nowshehra Virkan is a National Assembly constituency in Gujranwala where people cast their votes on the basis of dynasties while a dramatic change has been witnessed regarding politicians' popularity perhaps due to awareness about the importance of vote.

Rajput family's vote bank is greater than that of the Jatt's thus the former affects the result of elections in this constituency. So whenever the opponents succeed in dividing the Rajputs, they win as it happened in the last elections.

A survey reveals that the main competition is expected between PML-N's Rana Bilal Ijaz who is its expected candidate and PPP's Rana Tassaduq Masood. Mudassar Qayyum Nahra, the representative of Jatt family, won the 2008 election but later was declared disqualified on the basis of fake degree. His brother Azher Qayyum Nahra who is notorious as land grabber contested a by-election and was defeated by Rana Tassaduq Masood with about 4,000 votes.

Despite division in Rajput family, Nahras will not be able to take advantage of the rift because of their bad repute while Virks and Gujjars are also great in number of votes.

These families now are supporting Bilal Ijaz as PML-N candidate. Reportedly MPAs Khalid Pervaiz Virk and Irfan Bashir Gujjar from PML-Likeminded have also expressed their support to Bilal Ijaz.In NA 100, the Rajput family has also decided to support Bilal Ijaz who has been a member of the National Assembly in 2002 from PML-Q platform.

Mudassar Qayyum won the election as an independent candidate and later joined the PML-N. So, a tough Competition between Bilal and Tassaduq is expected.

Bilal Ijaz, the expected PML-N candidate for NA-100, said that Mudassar Qayyum did not qualify for contesting an election as per the Article 62, 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan as a case of having fake degree has been registered with the Civil Lines police station. He added that Qayyum's brother Azhar Qayyum lost the by-election thus the Nahra family was not in a position to fight against him for the NA seat.