Civilians have paid a heavy price in this war against terror. Peshawar attack and Shikarpur bomb blasts were the heaviest of all losses borne. With us or against us is the only option available to us. Political class and our security agencies are on same page. We should make the most of civil-military accord and wage a war against terrorists on all fronts, focusing more on ideology. In this regard here are some suggestions which may be fruitful if implemented.

Firstly, there are limits to everything and religion is no exception, we should follow logic and sound reasoning, where we do not find explicit injunction in Holy Quran and authentic Hadith. Knowledge gained from experience and understanding should be followed, except in worship, because these are specifically outlined by religion. In Hazrat Umar (RA) era, he used to select scholars who had the authority to give Fatwa (religious verdict) on different matters. This practice is the essence of Islam and strengthens the religious harmony. This practice should be followed here, highly qualified scholars, from all walks of life should only be allowed to give Fatwas.

This process may lessen the number of persons allowed, but the problems will easily be overcome through modern means of communication. Furthermore, other binding code of conduct should also be implanted in religious seminaries. Tabiligi Jamat and other religious dispatches should take CNIC copy and character certificate issued by DPO and DC from persons who wish to go to other areas for preaching. This may seems hard, but in the current situations we have to make hard decisions.


Sindh, February 17.