ISLAMABAD - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday said that even during martial law, the situation had never been as tightened and suffocating as today made by the prevailing tactics of NAB.

Talking to media outside the Accountability Court, Nawaz said that he was dethroned from the premiership, removed from the party office and disqualified for lifetime.

The former premier said that how intensity of the prevailing situation could be more grave and pathetic that he had been dethroned from premiership. He said he was removed from the party office and disqualified to hold party Office in the future and even in martial law and dictatorial regime, such tactics were not coined against democratic leadership.

During the hearing on Al-Aziziya Steel Mills Reference against Nawaz Sharif at Accountability Court Islamabad, prosecutor witness Wajid Zia provided details of banking transactions from Nawaz Sharif to Maryam Nawaz to the court. He informed the court that in different banking transactions, Nawaz Sharif transferred more than Rs500 million to Maryam Nawaz on different occasions. Wajid Zia presented record of bank statements and transactions' details of money transferred from bank accounts of Nawaz Sharif to Maryam Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz to Nawaz Sharif.

The Prosecutor Witness informed the court that Mian Sharif established Gulf Steel Mills in 1974 and decided to sale 75 per cent shares of the said mill to Alley in 1978. The shares of the mill were sold out to Alley to settle the outstanding payments of the loan of the Bank.

Wajid Zia also informed the court that 25 per cent shares of Alley Steel Mills were named to Tariq Shafi while 25 per cent shares were also sold to Abdullah Alley in 1980. These 25 per cent shares were sold for an amount of Rs12 million.

Wajid Zia informed the court in yesterday’s hearing with an amount of AED12 million, an investment was made with Qatari Royal Family. It was also informed that ownership of London flats was transferred in 2006.

Wajid Zia informed the court that JIT recorded the statement of Tariq Shafi and identify contradictions and severe embezzlement in his statement.

Meanwhile during course of time, Tariq Shafi also didn't provide any documents regarding debts of Gulf Steel Mills. Prosecutor witness also inform the court that Tariq Shafi got payment of AED 12 million in six instalments while Tariq Shafi did not even reveal the source of this payment, how he get this Payment.

He said Tariq Shafi disclosed only that he got payment in six instalments but did not reveal the source who ensured this payment to him.

The hearing on Al-Aziziya Steel Mills Reference adjourned till 09:30am on Monday, May 14, 2018.