Man killed a day

before marriage

KHAIRPUR (OUR STAFF REPORTER): A man was killed near here on Saturday a day before his marriage over an old enmity.

According to details, armed persons attacked Barkat Ali Bugti in Noor Muhammad Bugti village in the jurisdiction of Piryaloi Police Station near Khairpur. As a result, he died at the scene and the culprits ran away under the cover of aerial firing.  The body of the deceased was brought to Garhi Mori Rural Health Centre for an autopsy and it was handed over to his family after completion of medico-legal formalities.

The incident was said to be the result of an old enmity between two groups of the Bugti clan.






DADU, : The Local Government Department of Dadu district has failed to provide facilities of cleanliness, drinking water, smooth roads and clean streets despite 66 union councils of Dadu district are being provided Rs 396 million every month.  The people of Dadu city are facing acute water shortage, power load shedding, overflowing gutters and heaps of garbage at many places.  The city does not give look as headquartered city of the district. The corruption and negligence has badly affected the socio-economic conditions of the city.  The Sindh government needs to tight noose around the erring officials of local government district Dadu.

 “The allocated budget is not being used properly due to corruption as the Deputy Director Local Government is involved in bribery.  The local audit officials are also taking 8-10 percent commission. Elected union council chairmen, LG officials, deputy director local government, auditor local government in connivance with UC secretaries embezzle Rs 500,000 every month,” said PPI correspondent.

The PPP government’s announcement about provision of water taps, solar systems, fans and sewing and  machines to the poor people could still not be ensured. Corruption through fake bills in every UC is also being committed, depriving the people of the area of their right of facilities. Over 50 employees belonging to other district have been posted in Dadu district, snatching the right of local people.  There is need to depute local people in their areas so as to make the economic condition of people well.

The 16 lac population of Dadu district has been deprived of due facilities of life that include clean drinking water, standard education, clean roads and streets, playgrounds, and parks.  The government has also failed to provide better health faculties to the citizens as no solid steps have been taken to save people from heat-wave. Citizens have also held several protests against Municipal Committee Dadu Chairman Ghulam Mustafa Brohi for committing corruption and not cleansing the city.

According to a report, over 200 Mohallas and colonies of the city are littered with garbage, but the chairman did not feel any responsibility to cleanse them. The municipal committee gets Rs2.5 crores of budget every month, but despite it, there was no cleanliness in the city. The citizens’ budget is being embezzled ruthlessly.

Drinking water shortage has affected Dadu city. The elected representatives feel no responsibility to resolve this issues timely despite they know that warm weather has gripped the city. The citizens, already hit hard by price hike, have been forced to purchase water at heavy cost, which is affecting their routine economy.  The water shortage has badly affected social and business life as the political leaders have adopted lull over the issue. It seems that they have no responsibility in this regard.

Last month, water supply in the city was suspended for more than 10 days. The district and as well as public health administration has badly failed to restore water supply to the citizens.

Private water plants have been installed in the city, which are selling water at exorbitant rates. The poor people cannot afford purchasing water at heavy price. The demand of the water has risen sharply due to heat wave in the city, but the Sindh and district governments have still not taken any solid step to resolve the issue so that people could take a sigh of relief. The price hike during Ramazan has also badly affected the citizens.

The citizens have demanded of Sindh government to adopt a positive approach and resolve the problems of Dadu city and its union councils on priority basis so that people could take a sigh of relief.