ISLAMABAD                  -             The biggest and most exciting game show on the television now a days is, ‘Jeeto Pakistan’. It is mak­ing the month of Ramadan even better and enter­taining, but this time it’s not just a game show it’s an entire fantasy league. The show is hosting by the famous showbiz star Fahad Mustafa in a well light neon hall. But due to the coronavirus pan­demic situation, the crowd is not present in the audience to cheer it up. The show has five teams from each city. The celebrities are the captains of each team and are invited everyday with se­lected contestants on various games. Winners are rewarding with cash prizes and gifts like the original game show theme. Peshawar Stallions are leading the point table till now. Fahad Mustafa keeps the energy going despite the crowd is miss­ing and proves what an entertainer he is. Accom­pany by the team captains which are Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Sana Javed, Shaista Lodhi and Sarfaraz Ahmed. Sana Javed captains Islam­abad Dragons, Shaista Lodhi heads Peshawar Stal­lions, Humayun Saeed leads Karachi Lions, Adnan Siddiqui is the captain of Lahore Falcons and Sar­faraz Ahmed is the captain of Quetta Knights. Lit­tle child star Ahmed Shah is also appearing in the show by doing activites with his mystery treasure box. His act makes cute appearance in the show but everyone is always kept at a safe distance. Jee­to Pakistan League hosts mini games for TV view­ers to win at home as well. The energy of the game is still the same and the ratings are off the charts.