Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) FM Radio 92.4 has started a special programme 'Green City to be aired on every Wednesday to listen traffic related and other problems of the citizens and ensure their early redressal. This programme will be participated by officials from ITP and Capital Development Authority (CDA) to be aired on every Wednesday from 1 pm to 3 pm. The officials will listen to the problems of citizens and focus on better road engineering in various parts of the city to ensure smooth flow of traffic problems regarding traffic hindrance on roads and suggestions to improve traffic flow will be discussed in this programme. CDA officials will be also conveying as to how bring further improvement in traffic flow in city. This is certainly a good initiative taken by the Islamabad traffic police. This will not only make the relationship between police force and citizens friendly but it will also spread awareness. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, October 6.