LOS ANGELES-Demi Lovato is resurfacing after spending 90 days in rehab.

Earlier this week, the “Confident” singer took to Instagram to share a photo of herself looking happy and healthy as she cast her vote in the US midterm elections.

The post was the first time she’s publicly posed for a photo since being hospitalised for a drug overdose on July 24.

It came after the singer was recently spotted out-and-about in Los Angeles, grabbing a coffee following a workout. Healthy habits have been the focus for the former Disney star who has been spending time at a sober-living facility and her mother’s house, as well as staying with friends. According to a source, the goal for Lovato is to “live a more relaxed lifestyle before she dives back into working.” Although fans are happy to see Lovato looking healthy, the star has been the target of hurtful comments about her weight.

“Damn she got fat,” one person commented.

“She turkied up,” another added.

 “Looks like she gave up drugs for food,” one user commented on Lovato’s photo. “Should start doing meth to keep thin.”

Lovato’s fans have been rallying around the star, taking to social media to defend the 26-year-old and report hateful comments.

“Better to gain weight and be alive than be skinny and on drugs, you people are so cruel,” a supporter wrote. “After all she’s been through and her weight is all people can dwell on.”

The preoccupation with the star’s weight is something she addressed earlier this year by sharing photos of her stretch marks and cellulite to Instagram with a positive message to fans.

“I have cellulite just like the other 93 per cent of women do. What you see on Instagram isn’t always what it seems to be. Let’s embrace our real selves,” she wrote at the time.