LOS ANGELES-Kylie Minogue has opened up about her legal battle with Kylie Jenner and admitted that she didn’t like the way her legal team handled things.

The pop princess found herself having to stop Jenner’s attempt to trademark the name “Kylie”.

The 21-year-old reality star and makeup mogul was trying to trademark her first name in the US and to protect the term in connection with advertising services.

But Minogue’s lawyers were able to argue that the move would create damage the long-running brand of the globally successful singer and cause a lot of confusion.

They also pointed out the fact that the Australian singer currently owns trademark registrations for the term “Kylie” across entertainment services and music recordings.

Minogue also owns trademarks for “Kylie Minogue Darling,” “Lucky – the Kylie Minogue musical” and “Kylie Minogue,” and has owned Kylie.com since 1996.

However, their decision to refer to Jenner as a “secondary reality TV personality” who only appears on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as a “supporting character” left many surprised by the dismissive tone.

In a new interview, Kylie admitted she found the whole situation a bit upsetting.

Speaking to The Project‘s Lisa Wilkinson, she said: “I was so upset when I heard that. I said, ‘Who said what to Kylie?’ – and what I heard back was ‘lawyer speak’.”

Lisa added: “Australia was genuinely outraged when we heard she was trying to own the name ‘Kylie’ worldwide – so if we were outraged, I’m wondering how you felt?”

And Kylie gracefully responded: “I just thought, ‘Oh here we go, this is a bother’ – I didn’t want there to be any (trouble) about it, so everything was taken care off… very nicely, I have to say.”

Thankfully, everything ended on nice terms!