Islamabad-Ex-Wapda Distribution Companies (XDISCOS) have sought to transfer the burden of Rs82.697 billion to the electricity consumers on account of variation in Power Purchase Price (PPP) for the 4th quarter of 2019-20, which will further increase the power tariff.

In a petition filed with the NEPRA X-Wapda DISCOs have filed their adjustment request on account of variation in Power Purchase Price (PPP) which includes capacity Purchase price, variable O&M, UoSC & MoF and impact of T&D losses on monthly FPA, for the 4th quarter of the FY20 19-20 i.e. from April to June 2020 and requested for allowing transfer of Rs82.697 billion to consumers.

For Capacity Purchase Price, the Discos have claimed Rs81.109 billion, variable O&M Rs567 million, UoSC & MoF Rs2270m. On account of impact of T&D losses on monthly FPA the Discos (Except QESCO) have shown savings of Rs1,249m.

For Capacity Purchase Price, IESCO has demanded Rs7,717 million, LESCO Rs16300 million, GEPCO Rs8,415.31 million, FESCO Rs10,918 million, MEPCO Rs1,556 million, PESCO Rs11,706 million, HESCO Rs4,206 million, QESCO Rs3,061 million, SEPCO Rs2,860 million and TESCO Rs370 million. 

On account of variation in Power Purchase Price (PPP), Discos have demanded Rs82.697 million which includes IESCO Rs7,847 million, LESCO Rs16,320  million, GEPCO Rs8,830.88 million, FESCO Rs10,876 million, MEPCO Rs15,147 million, PESCO Rs10,519 million, HESCO Rs3,835 million, QESCO Rs6,066 million, SEPCO Rs3,798  million. While TESCO has reported a saving of Rs642 million on account of variation in Power Purchase Price (PPP).

On account of variable O&M, the Distribution Companies have demanded Rs567 million which includes Rs64 million by IESCO, Rs136 million by LESCO, Rs79 million by FESCO, Rs98 million by MEPCO and Rs276 million by QESCO. However, PESCO, HESCO and TESCO have recorded savings of Rs912 million.

On account of UoSC & MoF, Discos have demanded Rs2,270 million which includes IESCO Rs230 million, LESCO Rs631 million, GEPCO Rs231 million, FESCO Rs302 million, MEPCO Rs412 million, PESCO Rs277 million, HESCO Rs77m, QESCO Rs 82 million, SEPCO Rs112 million. While TESCO has reported a saving of Rs85 million on account of UoSC &MoF. It is worth to mention here that, in September 2020, NEPRA had allowed X-Wapda DISCOs an increase of Rs1.6236 per unit under quarterly adjustments for the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2019-20 which will enable the Discos to collect Rs164.870 billion from the power consumers within next one year. NEPRA will conduct public hearing on the Discos petition for Power Purchase Price (PPP) on November 24.