Sindh has made great efforts in bringing down terrorism with the aid of NAP. In the last 20 months, Sindh apex committees have met 16 times, as compared to other provinces where the committees have only met 5 times. So far, Sindh is playing a paramount role in countering terrorism and violence. According to statistics provided by the Sindh government, 16,654 raids have been conducted in the province since January 2015. 3,481 combing operations and 2,233 search operations. 1,198 people were apprehended on the charges of creating violations of loudspeakers, 67 for hate speech, 67 for wall-chalking, and 21 for violating the temporary resident ordinance of 2015.

I appeal to the government to yield funds, forensic labs, explosives analysis labs to Sindh as the province is in dire need.


Turbat, September 22.