Lahore     -   A full bench of the Lahore High Court disposed of various petitions and directed the government and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to take steps to protect environment and end to the use of toxic plastic and polythene bags.

The bench consisting of Justice Mazahar Ali Akber Naqvi, Justice Ch Muhammad Masood Jehangir and Justice Jawad Hassan disposed of the petitions one of which was filed by Seemab Aslam Advocate through environmental expert and lawyer Muhammad Yasin Hatif.

The bench disposed of the petition with direction to the Environment Protection Agency and Punjab government to prepare a draft for the legislation to ensure that the recycled hospital waste is not be used in manufacturing of toys, bottles utensils etc to maintain quality of products.

Federation of Pakistan, the Province of the Punjab, Secretary Primary Health, Healthcare Commission and Environment Protection Agency were cited as respondents. The petition says “…contaminated, hazardous, impure, toxic plastic waste including polyethylene products, being used for storage and carriage of bio-medical waste injurious to health are illegally, unlawfully sold, purchased in open market and through thousands domestic unregulated manufacturers plastic utensils, toys and alike articles are manufactured which retain toxic impurities.”

The counsel contended that the recycled hospital waste being used in manufacturing children toys, cups, plates, spoons , etc. is heath hazardous effecting children and public at large and is against the right to live. The petitioner submitted that the use of such plastic in manufacturing of children toys, cups, plates, spoons, etc. may kindly be declared illegal, void and against the fundamental rights of the petitioner and public at large in the interest of justice.