Multan-Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Friday inaugurated various development projects in different areas of Multan.

He ruled out on Friday the possibility of any dialogues with India, saying keeping in view the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir talks with India did not look feasible.

“The USA or any third power should play role on Kashmir issue,” he demanded while talking to the media. He declared that solidarity would be expressed with Kashmiris on October 27 across the country. He disclosed that the government had decided that besides expressing solidarity with the Kashmiris in Pakistan, all diplomatic missions would also mark October 27 as black day. He said that the silence of international media and world on Kashmir was meaningful. “If a small incident takes place in Europe, entire world present it as a breaking news but Kashmir is under curfew for more than 63 days and Indian barbarianism and aggression is quite visible but the silence of world powers on it is regrettable,” he lamented.

He disclosed that India made relentless efforts to get Pakistan blacklisted in FATF. “But she will fail in her efforts. The steps this government has taken against money laundering and terror financing in this short period could not be taken during last ten years. We’ll present our viewpoint in Paris with full strength,” he declared.

He said that some powers wanted to disintegrate the Muslims. He added that Pakistan had strong strategic ties with Saudi Arabia while Iran was our neighbour and friend. “We’re making efforts to mediate between both the countries. It is our strong desire that the misunderstandings between both the countries should get clear through dialogue,” he noted. He said that Pakistan also made efforts for peace in Afghanistan and no new clash should take place in the region.

He said that Pakistan had strong friendly relations with China and we had no reservations on Chinese President’s India visit. “Chinese President fully agrees with Pakistan’s viewpoint,” he added. He said that Turkey was time tested friend of Pakistan and all issues were being discussed by both the countries.

He said that the opposition did not have consensus on October 27 sit in and even PML (N) was divided on this issue. He claimed that the PML (N) President Shahbaz Sharif had admitted in recent two-hour long meeting with his party leaders that Maulana Fazal ur Rehman’s sit-in was wrong and they should not cooperate for it. He added that the PPP also had two opinions on the sit-in and only Nawaz Sharif was in its favour. He said that when PTI staged sit in Bilawal used to say that the sit in politics was harmful for democracy. “Bilawal has been opponent of politics of sit in but now he says they will welcome Maulana’s sit in. Wouldn’t it pose derailment threat to the democracy today?” he posed a question. He asked Bilawal that whose instigation he was supporting the sit in on. He claimed that the PTI staged a peaceful sit in while today everyone including media knew that what were the motives behind Maulana’s sit in.

To a query, he said that the traders did not meet with the Army Chief rather industrialists called on him. “Positive results have emerged after their meeting,” he claimed. He said that the government had a desire to settle issues with the traders, fix economy, restore sick industries and remove obstacles in way of investment.

Answering a question, he said that the government had approved construction of a flyover a Gulshan Market area and work on it would start soon.