LAHORE (PR): Eminent academic and activist Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy joined the faculty at Forman Christian College starting from September 1, 2013. Dr Hoodbhoy is the inaugural Zohra and Z. Z. Ahmed distinguished scholar through an Endowed Chair the Zohra and Z. Z. Ahmed Foundation has set up in the Departments of Mathematics and Physics.

“Dr Hoodbhoy is an outstanding academic dedicated to reinvigorating critical thinking and novel research methods in Pakistan’s academia,” remarked Dr Jim Tebbe, FCC’s Rector. Dr Hoodbhoy has previously taught at the Quaid-e-Azam University and LUMS, authored three books and over sixty-five research papers.

He has been awarded the UNESCO Kalinga Prize for disseminating knowledge of the sciences, as well as the Abdus Salam Award in Mathematics.