In the human plight of transience – there’s a vendetta breeding from both sides of the same coin, inspiring both unity and divide. From the Mississippi towns to their cotton fields and bayou, there’s a haunting of the murdered and raped – there rests the black faces buried under the homogenous and cruel label of “coloured”. And as history has taught, it was the Republicans who united with the enslaved Africans and the Democrats were the “hey boy” shrieking thugs hounding after that negro game with long guns and rope because they envisioned a future where cotton fields were forever filled with coloured slaves. But the climate has shifted and the Republicans now champion that cause in their own little way.

But when you get past the swamp and skeletons, all you get is the same, and neither the Democrats and Republicans nor the liberals and conservatives give a damn. It’s about the yin and the yang and the circle it creates. And who is the sucker? Well, you are.

You erroneously conflate truth to tribalism and join a story, like a movement or a cause. True freedom doesn’t emerge from a story – it comes from the independent struggle.

With that said, you have to question the moral hypocrisy of those who claim to fight for the human rights of minorities. For example, Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality. It’s admirable. At first I thought it was good of him! And when Huffington Post published an article addressing the suspicion of his motive behind the protest, which included supporting Islamism, it revealed Kaepernick is another coward using human rights as a shield to remain relevant after his football career comes to an inevitable sour concussion!

He is masquerading as a champion of the rights of minorities while praising an ideology that is responsible for 14 centuries of dehumanizing minorities throughout MENA, committing genocide. He goes onto professing his “great respect for Islam". The motive for his activism doesn’t compute then. He isn’t protesting for the rights of minorities at all if he feels that way. He’s another moral hypocrite who exposed himself as an opportunist who is seeking attention – plain and simple. Nothing admirable about that, now is it? It makes Colin Kaepernick a pitiful little man. But he will be a hero in the eyes of those unwittingly naïve, ignorant people who are also, as him, unwilling to be intellectually honest as the anti-regressive-regressives accusing others of being a “regressive” all day.

These days, that’s all I ever talk about. Moral hypocrisy. Because I have a difficult time tolerating the arguments of people who claim to be for human rights while simultaneously pandering to bigotry that conform human beings to live with abuse. By logic, they are complicit in the infringement of rights – so why should I believe them? And if you disagree and claim moral hypocrites are wonderful people – I will assume you too are a moral hypocrite and satirize your moral hypocrisy as well. I have nothing to lose by challenging moral hypocrisy, except maybe an echo chamber and dishonest trolls – but that is a perfectly wonderful state of rejection!

Most religious people I know are cherrypickers and they acknowledge that. My Muslim friends eat pork, while I, an agnostic, will not, because my stomach hates pork more than any ideology. I occasionally nibble on bacon and face the consequences of running to the bathroom but on most days, I avoid pork products to avoid a trip to the hospital. We all have a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves.

There are tragedies we can avoid if we follow the rules and apply a bit of common sense. Recently, a woman died in Ontario after her hijab was caught in a conveyer belt. The Star report claims the woman was “crushed” to death, yet other sources report asphyxiation as the cause of death here and here. It’s easy for loose garments to get caught up in a conveyor belt. So imagine what will happen if a loose garment around a person’s head gets caught in there? They will be strangled to death if the machine is not immediately shut off. In asphyxiation of an adult, whether dry or wet (when drowning), we have an average of 3 minutes before succumbing to brain injury due to oxygen deprivation and so in such workplace freak accidents, time is of the essence.

You shouldn’t wear a burqa as a firefighter for the same reason you don’t go scuba diving in a saree – as both garments put the wearer and people around them at elevated risk of death –and it’s a very convincing logic to avoid loose garments around machinery. Employers can warn you of the dangers but the law accommodates religion and views the hijab as a human right which contributed to the worker losing her life.

Religious modesty mandates endanger female members of society in a multitude of ways. This young woman’s death outrages me because she casually risked her life for the sake of some medieval sense of “modesty”. Are females not being punished enough by systemic patriarchy surrounding them in their home and street? The least we can do as a secular, liberal society is value the female life by enforcing security measures in the workplace instead of accommodating religious bigotry that limits their potential as a productive human being. But apparently, safety of human lives is irrelevant in the face of religious female modesty. And that is a tragedy driven solely by religious bigotry, just as the Saudi schoolgirls who were denied the right to flee a burning building because their hijabs and abayas weren’t on. “Martyrs of Modesty” is just a romantic way of socially codifying females assexual property of heterosexual males.

It’s a good thing the only ideology in 2016 that has a case of Affluenza is the orthodox interpretation of Islam. We need to start saying “no” to Wahhabism and Sunni supremacy. We need to stand our ground given to us by a secular, liberal democracy and put an end to the resuscitation of medieval practices regardless of where we find it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the growing Hindutva movement in India that lynch people to death for eating beef or the Muslim equivalent all across the Middle East to North Africa or the Catholic misogynists in Latin America and the Evangelical Protestants from the Bible Belt – the “who” is only important as far as keeping scores – but the “what” they are responsible for should be the ultimate focus that inspire condemnation.

Recently, Canadians found out admitting to smoking marijuana will result in a permanent ban on entry to the USA, the Land of the Free. As a Canadian who has never smoked marijuana myself, I can only assume our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who had smoked marijuana after becoming an MP, will be permanently banned from ever entering the USA? Or do politicians living off socialism their entire lives on the backs of hard working taxpayers get a different legal treatment due to his political status? Democracy is as morally hypocritical as the opportunists and their activism and outrage.

The focus of any political outrage is validated by the various degrees of human rights abuses we witness daily. If the focus is on the identity of the abusers, then we pander to identity politics and willfully distort the objective of our outrage, which is why it’s important to consider our words carefully and convey an accurate picture whether it’s about Islamism, workplace safety, immigration screening, social justice or just plain old political insanity. All that should matter is the security of human rights, and neither USA, Canada, UK, et al who arm Sunni supremacists care about it, nor the Islamists and corporate criminals. It’s almost like human rights are only preserved by the powerful and the privileged when societal outrage makes them look bad…

Earlier this week, I came across a bunch of outraged “pro-reason” “intellectuals” who had a hard time comprehending the concept of racism in algorithms. Suddenly their reason went out the airlock and killed itself. Well, you pseudo intellectuals, artificial intelligence is a product of human information and it relies solely on information fed by humans, who are known to be biased a***oles across the spectrum of life. So when a police algorithm marks a black minor who committed petty theft as more dangerous than a white criminal with history of robbery, it makes the AI look a just a wee bit racist in all pro-reason dimension or has your thinking also killed itself just to allow you to whine about how talking about racism is irrational like an Alt Right bigot? The math of any algorithm is only as fair-minded as its creators – which explains why a Google algorithm confused black people to gorillas – but don’t let reason and evidence get in the way of your “ social media pro-science” worldview where it just means laughing at a feminist or a social justice warrior is most important.

You can’t blame me for wanting a one way ticket to Proxima B so we can prepare our 3 generation trip to our nearest galactic neighbor on some nuclear propulsion. I should be studying science and give the finger to moral hypocrisy and its fan club. That’s what I should do. I started off with a somewhat serious message and then got lost in the exhaustion of human stupidity and ended back on a sarcastic note before even 1600 words.

We humans are known idiots. It’s a true story. This is why relying on a tribe and committing moral hypocrisy will not give you freedom or that guy being flogged in a Saudi prison.