‘Joker’ to release in Pakistan on Oct 4

LAHORE (Staff Reporter): Warner Bros on Wednesday announced that its upcoming film ‘Joker’ will release in Pakistan on October 4.

The film is an ‘’exploration of a man disregarded by society that is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale”, the studio said in a statement. Cinepax Cinemas recently announced the opening date of the film. Meanwhile, the owner of Atrium and Centaurus Cinemas has also confirmed the film is going to be screened on the mentioned date. Directed and co-written by Oscar nominee Todd Phillips, ‘Joker’ centres on the life of the super villain. The story follows Arthur Fleck aka Joker (Phoenix) and explores the side of the character that no one has seen or experienced before. It dives deep into his character only to find out a darker, more chilling side of this mysterious character. It also stars Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Marc Maron, Bill Camp, Glenn Fleshler, Shea Whigham, Brett Cullen, Douglas Hodge and Josh Pais.

Dua Lipa’s second album will be a ‘party’

LOS ANGELES (GN): Dua Lipa’s second album is ‘’just a party’’. The 24-year-old singer is currently working on the follow-up to her self-titled debut record, which was released in 2017, and has said she wants her new material to get people on their feet and have them ‘’dance through the whole record’’. She said: ‘’I feel like you could dance through the whole record. There’s lots of nos­tal­gic ele­ments to it. There’s a sam­ple in there from the 1930s. It’s just a party.’’ The ‘New Rules’ hitmaker is moving on from the sound of her first album, and says the new music is a change of musical direction. She added: ‘’It would prob­a­bly be risky if I wasn’t risky with the next record. I don’t think it would be as fun if I tried to recre­ate the first record. As an artist, you con­stant­ly want to grow and change your per­spec­tive and try some­thing new.’’ Dua already knows ‘’exactly’’ what kind of record she wants to make for her second studio venture, and whilst she won’t spill too many details about the album’s content, she says she’s recorded ‘’50 or 60’’ songs.

The ‘New Love’ singer said: ‘’Before I start­ed, I knew my album title. I knew exact­ly what I was going to be mak­ing. There are some songs that are hap­py, some about heart­break, some about deal­ing with your life in public.’’

And the singer believes her new record will show a more confident side to her songwriting, as she’s no longer nervous about speaking her mind and putting forward her own ideas.