WASHINGTON DC Reacting to violent protests in Abbottabad that claimed 16 lives, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, who is in US to attend the Nuclear Security Summit, has passed on directives to the provincial government for tackling the situation through administrative as well as political measures. Expressing sorrow and grief over unfortunate law and order situation and loss of lives, the Prime Minister appealed the people of Hazara region, agitating against the change of their provinces name, to remain calm and peaceful. According to the Prime Minister, violence does not facilitate political culture of tolerance and dialogue. Therefore, he asked provincial government to engage the protestors in a political process of negotiations while ensuring law and order in the province, whose name is being changed from NWFP to Khaiber-Pakhtunkhawa through 18th Constitutional Amendment already passed by the National Assembly with two-thirds majority and now in the Senate.