wah cantt - “I was just 19-year-old when I was deployed as gunner in Royal Indian Artillery to get back the peak of Koh Maa in CP state of Indian subcontinent from the clutches of German ground forces. Later I was awarded War Medal in recognition of gallantry by the British army but I am spending last days of my life without pension or other compensation.”

Seventy-two-year old Sadiq Hussain Shah said this in his shabby small house in Mohra Shah Wali Shah locality of Taxila. The official data issued from the Royal Indian Artillery Depots Record Centre of Indian city of Muttra reveals that Shah joined the Royal British army on March 31, 1944 and was allotted number 58210. After the war concluded, he was released on February 5, 1947. Answering about his return, he said that there was a piece of news roaming in the subcontinent about the partition. All the people who hailed from this part of subcontinent decided to return home before announcement to avoid any eventually. “We were offered release from service and we accepted it and boarded back to home,” said Shah. Shah, who is spending last days of his life, seeks better living and healthcare as he has no proper resources for treatment and living. Shah called upon the British government for compensation and health service in token of his services for the government and people of England.