LAHORE - A dozen of quarterfinals were decided in different age categories of the National Punjab Squash Championship here at the Punjab Squash Association complex on Thursday.

Quality squash was witnessed in some of the matches and a handful crowd praised the skills and technique of the upcoming players. All the top seeded players made their way to the next round notching up easy victories and no upset was seen.

In Under-15 boys competition quarterfinals, Noor Zaman (KP) beat Huzifa Zahid (KP) 11/5,11/13,11/9,11/2 (25 minutes), Tayyab Rauf (PB) beat Abbas Nawaz (KP)  11/7,8/11,11/4,8/11,11/4 (23 minutes), Muhammad Hamza (KP) beat M.Ahsab Irfan (PB)  11/8,10/12,9/11,11/6,11/9 (42 minutes), Waleed Khalil (KP) beat Syed Hussnain (BAL) 11/8,11/9,11/2 (18 minutes). 

In Under-13 boys age group, Usman Nadeem (PB) beat Mehmood Mehboob (PB) 11/2,11/6,11/4 (16 minutes), Mohammad Shoaib Afzal (KP) beat Humam Ahmad (KP)  12/10,11/9,11/6 (24 minutes), Anus Bukhari (PB) beat Ehsan Ali (KP)  11/2,11/2,11/5 (13 minutes), Mohammad Hanif (KP) beat Yaseen Khattak (Kp)  5/11,8/11,11/4,12/10,11/6 (35 minutes).

In Under-11 boys competition, Varun Asif (PB) beat Moin uddin (PB)  10/12,11/3,11/5,11/9 (27minutes), Abdullah Nawaz (KP) beat Azan Ali (PB)  11/3,11/3,11/4 (17 minutes), Abdullah Nadeem (PB) beat Muhammad Zubair (PB) 12/10,4/11,11/7,11/6 (28 minutes), Mobeen Khan (KP) beat Saif Ullah Tareen (KP)  11/8,11/3,11/2 (15 minutes).