Being a young fella from Gujranwala is always relatable to eating but it adds more crisp when you are also a Kashmiri born child. Born in a Gujranwala is a pure sign of being a food paramour. As per historic facts, two foremost ethnic groups reside in Gujranwala, First the Kashmiri diaspora and Second, the Arain. Icing on the cake, that both of the groups are food aficionados.

You don’t know, How? When? and What? made you crazy for food but you only know that food is something to be taken care of. The taste buds are automatically established and the eating habits extricate a person from its origin. It is apparent that genes play an imperative role in figuring the customs of an individual. A person born in a specific area would show-up with certain behaviours that could be relatable to that certain region. Similarly, a Gujranwala native is relevant of being a food fervent.

From knowing the truthful technique of Tarka to being ardently devoted in butchering of a Sheep, it’s not everyone’s job. Basically, the drill of a Gujranwala born baby starts from the leap of mother. What mother eats drinks or cooks, a child wisdom it.

While a kid grows up, he himself mature the taste, which another child could not even contemplate of. Many people get tickled when they come to know that even a child belonging to Gujranwala is highly choosy regarding the food and does not bother everything cooked. Right element in the right recipe is known by almost every youngster here. The scent of the butter is incised in the smell buds of the even the kid.

People of Gujranwala are less concerned about anything but Eating and Eating. The Pehalwani Style eating bravura of the people is the world renowned. The eating sophistication and traditions are fairly dissimilar and widely popular. One living in Gujranwala can think nonentity before eating. He has to eat before performing any of his daily life errands. Eating charges them, Eating makes their lives run and Eating finishes their lives.

One of the most edible and prepared cuisine in Pakistan is Mutton Karahi and is noticeably relatable to Gujranwala, The Most. When you are in the city which is famed for food and particularly The Gosht, the things get unlike.

According to a study led by a local organization, Gujranwala snared the 1st position for the utmost sale of Chota Ghost (Mutton). Further it was also revealed in a report that a soul belonging to the city nearly noshes 800-1000 Grams in a wedding ceremony whereas estimate for the wedding arrangers for a normal person is 300-400 Grams meat per person.

The value of meat in Gujranwala is something unalike and is not as informal as people generally think. Around every corner of street, Meat Talks are carried out.

The meat purchasing game is linked with the nerves of the buyer and the butcher. Which Sheep/Goat? of What size? is further byzantine to Which cut? From Where? and What Size? are the utmost vitals that are being taken care of while purchasing meat.

Fight for required Booti i.e Puth, Raan, Dasti or Chanp is normal when you roam around Andrun bazaars. 2 people standing at the corner of street and are belligerent for Gosht is the 1st and last sign of your existence in Gujranwala.

After the acquiring is done fruitfully, the next step is to cook and it is not that easy as it seems to be while you are in the city of Pehalwans.

From cooking meat in Desi Ghee to garnishing it with coriander every feature is devoted to tantalize taste buds. As the fragrance of authentic cooked food is incised in smell buds of almost every child in the city, the cook had to be very cognizant for meeting the standard.

The Essence, The Tenderness, The Tint, The Savour and The Demonstration! No stone is left behind in fashioning an extraordinary food. As the decisive delight of any Gujranwalian is in eating a flawless, immaculate, refined and healthy food.