KABUL: Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani has hit back at his Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah over his recent remarks that he (Ghani), is not taking solid steps to address certain national issues, saying he does not believe those who do not believe him.

Speaking to a gathering of Afghan youths, the president said that those who support corrupt elements in fact try to obscure the government's reform agendas.

"I am a transitional president, the one who follows negative interests will not believe in me, I also do not believe him. On what context I am a transitional, because I have not a political family and you {youths) are my family," Ghani said.

The war of words between the president and his CEO sparked reactions from the Afghan political commentators with some saying that disagreements between the two leaders appear to be increasing, they called on the leaders to avoid a possible crisis in the country.

"These are the topics I shared with you today, I am going to raise these issues with the president of Afghanistan and hope there is space and the right-mind to discuss the realities of Afghanistan. The era of deceiving someone with sweets and pastries have passed," said Abdullah.

In reference to Abdullah's remarks, the presidency has denounced the statement saying it was against the principles of governance.

"Unfortunately, statements made by Mr. Abdullah Abdullah yesterday were in contradiction to the spirit and morale of the governance, because governance is based on principles and legal procedures and in line with that actions are taken. National unity government will move ahead as a collection, serious discussions will be held on his remarks in the near future," said presidential spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri.