Sitting in my lounge, listening to Rona Laila singing, "Aik Hai Naam Hamara, Pakistan , Pakistan , Jeevay Pakistan ". Under cloud of compromised sovereignty, can we realistically deserve to celebrate freedom? I am confused, should I really celebrate independence? Same was the case last year and the year before that.

Celebrations are due, I am told as Pakistan reaches a milestone at 70. I agree, liberation from colonial masters was indeed a remarkable achievement for enslaved Indians. Freedom is the biggest blessing. Ask those indulged in struggle for liberation particularly in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK), and Palestine. We underwent colossal sacrifices at the time of bitter division of the Subcontinent. Today, we are free to move, to express and do whatever within the jurisdictions of this beautiful country.

In British India , how things could have turned up ugly for Muslims are apparent in today's India. Public lynching of Muslims in recent times is a routine matter, even if it is either alleged that a Muslim has beef in his possession or transporting cattle for slaughtering purposes. They are killed for fun by the goons of BJP. Atrocities inflicted in IHK at horrific levels depict the murky face of real India. In addition, there are plenty of reasons such as complete ban on Muslims on buying properties in Hindu heartland. In buildings with pre-dominant Hindu occupants, even influential Muslims can't rent or buy properties. Blatant disregard, disrespect and discrimination are shown to lower sects. Plight of Indian Muslims and minorities is not as rosy as portrayed by modern Indian state. These are desperate times in intolerant India trying to hide its murky face. Being a minority is not a choice one would like to make. Atrocious circumstances of hatred in India are indeed reminder of the indispensability of freedom we enjoy in Pakistan .

On the flip side, we are reprimanded often for collective negligence and utmost failure to realise the indispensability of independence. Though, downfall seems gradual but nevertheless it's an epic oblivion and plunge in the fortunes of this country. Certain fruitful steps are pre-requisite to bring about drastic changes. Revamping and redefining Pakistan is a need of an hour. But, collective slumber holds us back to take a next step to salvation.

Civilian governments blame military dictators and autocracy blames democratic governments for this accumulated mess and failing to transform the fortunes of this blessed and resourceful country. This blame-game has continued in large part for the past 70 years. Even this week incumbent but democratically elected ex-PM Mian Nawaz Sharif (MNS) is distraught on untimely ouster and is contesting a rally on GT road to gather sympathy playing victim card.

Mud-Slinging and cheap politics of recent times dented Pakistan 's already shabby and compromised image. Failure of democratic institutions condemned Pakistan to lowest ranks. Democratic institutions failed miserably to facilitate rule of law. Post-MNS ouster many commentators have blamed the civil institutions for failure of democracy. Political elite and corniest have been guilty of using the weak civil institutions for their own benefit. Ultimately this act came to haunt them as democratic process again became the victim under questionable circumstances.

Pakistan’s problems have over the year aggravated rather than decrease. Though, uprooting the nexus of terrorists has been an important victory but occasional attacks still reflect their ability and presence deep penetrated into our system. Bitter divide based on ethnicity, creed & religious beliefs is still holding us back.

Free media, with no strings attached, certainly paved way for much desired change. It should have equipped the public with knowledge and awareness to understand their fundamental rights and rudimentary requirements. But, instead, it has been molded largely to be used for agendas for certain state and non-state actors. Free media emerged but it lacked sensibilities pre-requisite to shape the society. Manipulation and fabrication proliferated the way for modern age propaganda. Damage control has become exceedingly difficult for political parties, leaders, activists, and bureaucracy, which has confused the nation. The division between right and wrong has become blurred and everyday new scandal haunts the images of this country.

Though, strategically crucial location of Pakistan has raised the status of this country and CPEC has provided a potentially enormous opportunity to use the services of prosperous China to consolidate our future. But, leadership is missing which could glorify, constitutes honesty, truthfulness and strong commitment to uproot financial and psychological slavery in Pakistan . Egoistic narcissist should not be allowed to make mockery of the system based on their personal agendas.

In Pakistan , on daily basis, for one way or another, when dreams are shattered around us, how carefree are we about the happenings around us? Every one of us feels that we are untouched, but I believe we should not take this liberty for granted and we must play our individual and collective role to defeat the common enemy within or outside the country conspiring to bring us down. So before, this somewhat semi-liberty is gone, we should recollect ourselves and get united. Divisions in our lines, territorial segregations based on language, culture and political power is a major hurdle to united Pakistan . Unless, we takeoff this baggage of hatred and prejudice developed, progression is unlikely. Over the years, we either had Punjabi or Sindhi prime ministers. Unfortunately, they ignored the rights of other provinces and this denial particularly in Balochistan created bigotry and hatred among its people.

At 70, with optimism and hope to get it right someday through a humanist and nationalist leader having heart and soul enriched and embedded with nationalism, our search for a united Pakistan continues.