ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yesterday said that the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf-led government has to go to ensure relief to the common man and ensure jobs for the youth. 

Speaking to former Interior Minister Rehman Malik here, the PPP chief said that the opposition’s All Parties Conference would decide the future course of action.

He said the PPP was against using any unconstitutional means to topple the government. 

Rehman Malik briefed the PPP chief about his personal and party’s performance in the Senate. He said the Senate Committee on Interior was working satisfactory under him. 

The PPP chief directed Rehman Malik to raise national issues in the Senate and the Senate committee on interior.

Separately, Bilawal exhorted the youth of Pakistan, saying that the “a bright tomorrow belongs to you, if you take the right steps to realise your dreams.”

In a message on the occasion of International Youth Day, he said sixty-four percent of the Pakistani population was under 30 years of age and Pakistan is the one of the countries having the highest ratio of youth population.

The PPP chief said that empowering the youth in the true sense and making them partners in the affairs of the country is the manifesto of the PPP, and the people’s governments have always introduced youth friendly policies.

He said Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the first political leader who mobilised the youth across the country, while Benazir Bhutto opened new avenues for the advancement of the youth by providing education and employment opportunities. “PPP is the only Party whose governments established the largest number of education institutions in Pakistan,” he added.

Bilawal said that the PPP-led government of Sindh ensured the representation of the youth by allocating special seats in all local bodies and would continue this in the next elections also.

The PPP Chairman said that the youth of Pakistan were now determined to expose the false claimants of jobs and employment, who are trying to exploit them and destroying their dreams. “Pakistani youth want an agenda of prosperity under the umbrella of supremacy of the Constitution and the Parliament and flourishing of democracy to empower them to their fullest potential,” he added.


Bilawal said that Pakistan was now firmly looking towards its young sons and daughters to emerge as an invincible developed country on the world canvas.


Meanwhile, Taj Haider, member of Core-Committee of the PPP, expressed his disappointment over the remarks of the Chief Justice of Pakistan calling the government of Sindh a “total failure.”


“If the situation in Sindh from Karachi to Kashmore was indeed so bad, thousands of people would not be migrating to Sindh on daily basis from the rest of Pakistan,” Taj Haider said.


At present only in the Health Sector, 60% of the patients being treated in Sindh Public Sector Hospitals, free of cost come from other provinces and other countries, he said. 


He added: “SIUT, NICVD, Liver Transplant Hospital in Gambat, Cancer Treatment facilities are rated second to none; so is the IBA Sukkur, which is rated as the best university in Pakistan. The Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company in Thar which is reducing our dependence on imported fuels is a trend setter in self-reliance. Very soon the production of coal would increase 4 times that of its present level.”


The PPP leader said it was the failure of the federal government in collecting and ransferring tax resources to the provinces that remains the major handicap in the development of the provinces.