ISLAMABAD-It worked for the Archie comics with Riverdale, and now nineties sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is getting a grittier, darker reboot as well. Will Smith is attached to executive produce a gritty, dramatic reimagining of the show which made him famous, based on a fan-made trailer video that went viral. 

The Bel-Air ‘official’ trailer, made by Fresh Prince superfan Morgan Cooper, had the tagline on YouTube: ‘What would happen if Will Smith made The Fresh Prince today? Bel-Air, a story of a kid from Philly whose life got turned upside-down... in 2019.’ Since it was posted last March, it’s garnered nearly five and a half million views, and has sparked conversations all over from fans of the NBC hit comedy to individuals within the industry. 

The atmospheric and moody trailer successfully updates certain tropes from the original series, with intense passages of real-feeling police brutality as well as the moment Will’s mother tells him, ‘The only reason why you’re not in jail is because uncle Phil called in a favor!