Bilawal Bhutto Chief of Pakistan People’s Party said today that their demands should be fulfilled as soon as possible, reported Waqt News.

His tweets were against the government in which he, referring to the PM as ‘accountability czar’,  said that the "accountability czar" once said that he will force Benazir’s children to beg on streets, as can be seen in his tweets.

He questioned why the government is now expecting leverage on the panama issue they should accept the decision of the Supreme Court and act upon it.

Denial of the National Action Plan has led to incidents such as the attack on the Ahmedi mosque in Chakwal and other similar incidents.

He urged that the government should fulfill their demands as soon as possible.

He also said that if the government is hesitant of accountability in the parliament then people’s party will force them to come on the roads and at that time they will be hearing the slogan “Go Nawaz Go”.