ISLAMABAD  -   Amir Dogar/Zahir Shah backed candidate Syed Ashfaq Hussian Shah became the Pakistan Football Federation new president after the elections were held at Supreme Court building on Wednesday.

As per expectations and claimed by MNA Amir Dogar and Zahir Shah, it was a easy ride for Ashfaq, who grabbed 17 votes while his opponent Anwar-ul-Haq managed 3 votes. Pakistan Football Federation Honorary Secretary Col (R) Ahmed Yaar Lodhi was also present on the occasion.

MNA Malik Amir Dogar managed to bag highest number of votes for vice president slot as he took 20 votes while Zahir Shah and Sardar Naved Haider could obtain 18 votes each and Jan Muhammad Mari another candidate for vice president slot could get 4 votes. For the PFF Executive Committee, Ashfaq and Rizwan from Sindh get 19 and 18 votes respectively, Dost Muhammad and Aziz Ullah from Balochistan obtain 19 and 17 votes, Zulfiqar and Saad Rasool from KP get 19 and 18 votes, while Najeeb Ullah from Sindh could get 1 vote only.

Six PFF Electoral College voters remained absent, which include presidential candidate Anwar-ul-Haq, vice president candidate Jan Muhamamd Mari, Khadim Ali Shah from Sindh, Saleem Sheik, Sindh, Haji Saeed and Ayaz Zahoor, Balochistan.

Earlier, Malik Amir, Zahir, Sardar Haider, IFA President Saleem Chaudhry, Rana Tanveer, Col Ahmed Yaar Lodhi and others gathered at Supreme Court building for the election process. The entire proceedings went highly smoothly and in cordial manner. The candidates were exchanging pleasantries and it was highly friendly atmosphere. Electoral college voters first elected three female members to complete the strength of 26 of PFF electoral college. As expected, Farzana Rauf, Javeria Zafar and Tasawar Aziz who were backed by Amir Dogar/Zahir Shah alliance comfortably won the seats. Returning Officer Amir Saleem Rana while announcing the results informed that all the three ladies were elected. Farzana Rauf and Javeria Zafar grab 16 votes each, while Tasawar Aziz obtained 14 votes. Ovote was rejected as Nadia Naqvi managed two votes. A total of 8 females submitted nomination papers for three seats, which include Farzana Rauf, Fauzia Naureen, Javeria Zafar, Nadia Naqvi, Sadia Sheikh, Tasawar Aziz, Zainab Ali and Kanwal. Pakistan Sports Board representative Raja Zulfiqar was also present on the occasion.

While talking exclusively to The Nation soon after the official results announcement, the PFF’s newly-elected President Syed Ashfaq Hussian Shah thanked Amir Dogar, Zahir Shah, Sardar Naved Haider and all the voters for posing confidence in his abilities and promised now elections process is over, he will take all stake-holders onboard for one cause and that is the promotion of football in Pakistan. “Like I had promised if Allah gave me victory, I will take all on board and from today we all are one. I invite all to join hands for the sake of football and shun differences as it had already cost Pakistan football baldy. We will fulfil not only all our promises but will ensure genuine talent given their due right and respect and right man for the right job will be ensured.”