In my previous letter I had given the example of Sindh where the withdrawal in the canals had increased from the pre-Mangla 35.6 maf to the post Tarbela 44.5 maf. This should put at rest any fears that Kalabagh dam will reduce flow in the Indus, in fact Sindh will get an additional 2.257 maf, being its 37% share in the 6.1 maf stored water.

The other apprehension is that Punjab will benefit most since the dam is in Punjab. After the Water Accord of 1991 it is the federal body IRSA which distributes river waters as per agreed shares and the provinces have no direct control over the supply to their canals. The example of Mangla and Tarbela dams is before us where AJK and KPK are not getting any special benefit because the dams are on their territory. Wapda is transmitting power from the dams and IRSA is distributing water. Also Sindh has three votes in IRSA against one vote for Punjab.

It is not fair to deny the country the much needed power and water because of some other equally unfounded fears, particularly when a monitoring team of engineers from the Sindh irrigation department has been posted since long at major head works of Punjab and have not reported any misappropriation to date.

The politicians have failed us, we can only look up to the media to mould public opinion.


Lahore, January1.