SIALKOT/ SAMBRIAL-Heavy rain and hailing followed by cold winds lashed the entire Sialkot region, which turned the weather colder on Monday.

According to local officials of the agriculture department, hailing and rain affected standing wheat crop in the region, as wheat fields were filled with rainwater.

The heavy rain began in the wee hour of Monday, which continued the whole day, inundating low-lying urban and rural areas in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Pasrur and surroundings.

The cold winds (coming from the icy Alps of the neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir) continuously blew, making the weather cold and pleasant. It remained dark cloudy with the loud thunder of the clouds.

The electricity supply remained suspended for about 16 consecutive hours in Daska city and its surroundings as heavy rain badly affected the communication system here. In Sambrial, heavy rain, hailing and windstorm made weather profound cold here on Monday.

Rain with few spells of hailing as well as few waves of windstorm started early in the morning and continued throughout the day. People had mixed reaction and were happy due to refreshed environment and upset due to hurdles in draining system and slippery passages.

Main GT Road near bus stop and Daska Road near Kotli Noonan were showing the scene of canal due to blockage of sewerage which resulted in the accumulation of knee-deep water. The ways near Motorway under construction areas became muddy and slippery and people faced gigantic difficulties to commute.