LAHORE About 12 hours power loadshedding across the country was belying Pakistan Electric Power Companys claim of average four hours outages during canal closure period, December 26 to January 31. The company has failed to honor its commitment since the announcement made by PEPCO Chief Rasul Khan Mehsud on December 24 last. At a Press conference, Mehsud had promised to restrict the loadshedding to maximum three to five hours. He was confident about the better thermal production because of 'smooth supply of fuel from Pakistan State Oil. He had said there must be 2000MW hydel production due to better storage of water in dams which would further prove helpful to cope with loadshedding during canal closure period. Upon the above said factors, MD had promised to meet with the hydel production loss of about 5000MW during the de-silting campaign. However, since the day, there was not a single day when the announced loadshedding was being observed across the country, however, the menace was increasing day by day, an insider said. Instead of acknowledging its ill planning to cope with the unscheduled and rising blackouts, the company on 5th January had stated the increase in shortfall due to foggy and cold weather. But the shortfall on Wednesday was still above 4000MW in the national grid when fog comparatively decreased. These days hydropower generation was not more than 1000MW. The public sector plants were mere sharing 1300MW in the national grid, the source said. However, the IPPs were comparatively at better position with high share of above 6000MW in the system.