KARACHI The Clifton Cantonment Board appointed 10 transgender citizens as tax collectors in its recovery department, claiming Rs 8 million was recovered from the new style of tax collection way. The Vice President of the Government Clifton Cantonment Board (CCB), Aziz Soharwardi, informed that it was a unique idea. He said that during the last eight month the department recovered eight million rupees after this strategy to use the eunuchs, so it was quit beneficial for the Cantonment Board irrespective of how they recover it, he informed. Aziz Suhrwardi was much sure that the transgender in the country must contribute for the development of the country. He said that they would be given respectable place in the society and thus they could contribute in many ways. Sonia, 25, a eunuch, who was appointed as tax collector, informed that sometimes defaulters opened the door of their houses and talk with them a they knew that they had been employed as tax collectors. However many people misbehave and shut the door on us, Sonia said, adding when that happened we have to apply our traditional method like clapping and others, but it happens very rare and normally after seeing our identity cards, the defaulters do promise to pay tax as soon as possible. Sonia said, Normally we go to collection in afternoon and whenever ladies in the house open the door, they normally understand that we are beggars and refuse to come out in which we have to show our identity cards and warn that her water will be disconnected if they dont pay the due taxes and that women promises her husband will pay the debts.