SUKKUR - Water crisis has worsened in the City and citizens are facing acute water shortage and they have been forced to get water from the hand pumps located in far-flung areas.

According to details, due to annual closure, the gates of seven canals from right and left banks of the Sukkur Barrage have been closed from January 6 to 20 for repair and maintenance. Due to such closure, the citizens were facing acute water crisis like past. The most affected areas of Sukkur city included old Sukkur, Micro Colony, Qureshi Goth, Ayoob Goth, Shams Abad, Waritar, Takkar Muhallah, Gharibabad, Thalla, Shahi Bazaar and others.

The citizens were compelled to fetch drinking water from hand water pumps located at different areas of Sukkur city.

The administration of North Sindh Urban Services Corporation was busy making arrangements to ensure water supply to the citizens for which their labourers have made temporary path in the beds of River Indus.

Power outages have further heightened the intensity of the situation as pumps shuts down and hence people suffer.

The citizens demanded the authorities concerned to chalk out the schedule of water supply so that they can store water in their tanks.