LAHORE-Recently released feature film "Gumm", describes many aspects that a human mind confronts when faced with difficulties especially insecurity, fear of loosing hope for loved ones.

The feature film "Gumm" is a storyline weaved around Asad (Sami Khan), a gangster turned family man, who gives up crime world for his small kindred family life.

Short lived serenity is soon shattered as Asad's only daughter is diagnosed with blood cancer, curable, but with a heavy and unaffordable price tag.

Asad, a loving father, after trying all possible but failed options to secure an aid or loan to support daughter's medical treatment, finally opts to revisit his previous pursuit, crime.

"Gumm" starts with visuals of a car accident. The car which has two occupants, Asad and a dead driver, fallen into a ditch of a dense jungle and is surrounded by beasts, man eating wolves and a coldblooded murderer, Haider (Shamoon Abbasi).

Storyline, intelligently woven between the present and the past of Asad, depicts his life journey as a gangster, a lover, a caring family man and finally a bank robber. Stuck and lost (Gumm) in a dense jungle, with a human-beast, Haider, who elopes with the stolen bank money, which was to support his daughter's medical expenses, Asad soon finds his own life in danger.  

Intelligent woven events, powerful acting by both Sami Khan and Shamoon Abbassi, and impressive frames in the jungle makes an audience hooked to the movie despite some glitches in other supporting actors performances. "Gumm" is a different and difficult genre for the newly evolved local cinema scene. However, there is a certain segment of audience who crave for suspense thriller cinema and "Gumm" could be described as a potential step towards such entertainment genre.