KARACHI PML-Q General Secretary Mushahid Hussain Syed said that the opening of Chasma-Jhelum link Canal will affect inter-provincial harmony, saying that Punjab opened Chasma-Jhelum link Canal without the consent of other province and that it will be better to revert the decision. He was talking to journalists at a seminar on Pak-China relationship here at the Federation of Pakistan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), on Monday. Earlier, speaking at the seminar, Mushahid focused the Pak-China relationship and announced that as a chairman of Pak-China Institute we would sign an MOU with the FPCCIs Pak-China Council to boost economical ties with China. He informed that America had been defeated in Afghanistan and now she was finding a respectful way to leave Afghanistan while China is rising as economical giants in the world. He suggested to Business community that they should start frequent visit to China and enhance the economical relationship as he found that Pakistan future relates with the raising China. He pointed out that due the geo-political situation the emerging India, rising China and influential Pakistan would lead the world and 21 century would be call, the century of Asia. He said due to the previous government policies, the over all situation was changed, as there is independent media, independent Judiciary as well sovereign parliament, adding that one window operation in Pakistan was story of Past and now all the institutions are working well, adding that it is need of hour that Pakistan business community should focus their relationship with China rather than America. He said due the geo-political situation, Pakistan has much influence in the region while China also known that Pakistan is the core ally and despite the law and order situation in Pakistan, Chinese remain interested to invest in Pakistan. He informed that however, international powers did not want Pakistan to strengthen its relationship with China as the number of Chinese engineers were killed or kidnapped but China remained committed to its ties with Pakistan. He further informed that due to strategic depth or the main ally of America, India had not much relations with China and Pakistan had opportunity to boost economical partnership due to current geo-political situation. He said that Pakistani nation had great potential which could be gauged from the rehabilitation of 2.3 million internally displaced people as well as that of the earth quake victims.