ISLAMABAD Surrounded by lush green trees and covered with lotus plants and flowers, the Lotus Lake, on the foot of Shakarparian, used to captivate the visitors in its serene magic but now the place is giving a pathetic look with a dried up lake has turned into a house of wild growth and rubble dump, speaking volumes about the indifference of authorities concerned. Developed in 1970, the Lotus Lake that was once a small pool with lotus flowers surrounded by walkways and flowering trees is now converted into a barren palace. Seeing flowers and fauna surrounding of Lotus Lake was always a pleasant experience, but not now, as the site has been neglected since long and it has lost the natural beauty. The people who used to come here regularly to enjoy the lake view with amazing greenery are now welcome by heavy bushes and piles of mud. It was observed that one side of the park is fully occupied by heavy bushes that have probably not been trimmed for quite a while. There is only one thing that gives slightly better view and compels the visitors to visit the sight a signboard fixed near by Lok Virsa directing about track of the lake with words of Lotus Lake. The narrow passage in between mob of trees is giving amazing look to the area, however, as visitors move ahead towards the other end of track on given direction they just find a barren track covered with trees leaves and branches making it really a horrifying place. At the other end of track there is no small lake with lotus flowers and benches fixed alongside the pool, the thing was dried up and the pathway just ends up in a pile of mud, stones and heavy bushes raising the feelings of annoyance especially for those who were once regular visitors and have enjoyed its natural beauty. Louts Lake the once-famous old lake was developed in 1970. It has been learnt that in past the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had initiated a project to develop new cultural complex in the vicinity of Lotus Lake near Shakarparian. According to details, a project will be soon presented to the board for renovation of 'Kanwal Jheel. Establishment of a tourist resort, a restaurant and a beautiful mosque was also in plan for attracting more and more visitors. When approached it was learnt from the concerned official of CDA that they are making all-out efforts to preserve and develop natural beauty of the Capital for which, he maintained that they are renovating famous recreational places. He informed that they would renovate it shortly, as it is also in development plan of Shakarparian. He further informed that the lake dried because of prevailing dry spell. It has been learnt that besides developing new cultural complex, the Authority had also planned to further improve and beautify the Lotus Lake and enhance its charm.