LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has warned that unfair distribution of resources was increasing the sense of deprivation among the small provinces and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan.

Addressing a training workshop of the JI workers in Upper Dir on Sunday, he said the political polarization would further enhance if the demands of the masses living in neglected areas were not addressed on priority basis, stated a press release issued from JI headquarters Mansoora, Lahore.

The rulers, he said, completely ignored the Malakand Division in the federal budget despite the fact that the area could attract thousands of tourists and add billions of rupees in national kitty if government made a little focus on its development.

But, he regretted, the rulers sitting in Islamabad and Peshawar were not ready to listen to the demands of the public and were bent upon damaging every sector, from economy to law and order, he added.

He said it seemed the days of the present rulers were numbered and they were ready to go home. The PTI government, he said, did nothing for the welfare of the masses in past 22 months. Those who brought the PTI in power also seemed frustrated and fed up, he said, adding the “minus all” formula was going to happen in near future instead of the speculations being made of minus-one or minus-two.

The JI chief said the PTI handed over the entire government affairs to the IMF, enslaving the public in the debt track laid by the lending agency. He said inflation and unemployment were rampant and a common man was starving due to bad policies of the rulers.