LONDON - British High Commissioner to Pakistan Adam Thomson has said that Do More is not a helpful phrase in relation to the Pakistans role in fight against terrorism and violent extremism. There is a need that all the coalition partners fighting against terrorism Do More on their own part. In an exclusive interview with TheNation, Thomson said, The enemies of Pakistan are enemies of the Britain too. A strong, viable and peaceful Pakistan is in our interest. He said the biggest threat to the UK emerges from al-Qaeda, which is a foe of Pakistan too. However, after the killing of Osama bin Laden Britain is safer and more secure than it was in 2001, he added. He said that he wishes Pakistan get the kind of security against terrorism as is enjoyed by his own country today. The high commissioner(HC) said that the death of its chief architect has dealt a big blow the global terror organisation and there is no place on earth now where al-Qaeda could find an environment conducive for its reorganisation, he said. The world is sick of extremists and terrorists and their dark ideologies have been exposed and lost their appeal, Thomson said while admitting that stark contrasts among different policies around the globe created socio-economic stress and brought sufferings to the people, leading them to join extremists groups. To a question regarding the supremacy of the rule of law in Pakistan the British High Commissioner said: We should be encouraging rule of law in Pakistan as we encourage in our own country. It is absolutely fundamental to a successful state and society. Rule of Law is indispensible for the country to flourish and justice is the most basic requirement. I do think that rule of Law is a serious issue for Pakistan and law and order particular the way rule of law lack of it effects ordinary citizens of Pakistan.But it is for Pakistans own institutions to work on their relationships. I have seen a growing stability and maturity between these very quite young institutions. Pakistans democratic government is only three and a half year old and it is first and long time that we have seen an independent Supreme Court. To a question on Kashmir issue, the high commissioner said that in view of the regional situation and the public opinion both in India and Pakistan, no country can be forced to follow a certain direction. There is wave of public anger in Pakistan if Britain tries to intervene in some national matter. Similarly, the other country (India) also does not accept any kind of meddling, Thomson said. The best approach to resolve the Kashmir dispute is pursuance of diplomacy and negotiations, the high commissioner said, adding that a meaningful and decisive breakthrough is only possible after the people of Pakistan, India and Kashmir reach a certain level of confidence and satisfaction through the process of dialogue. While answering a question, the British high commissioner said that his countrys policy and relationship with Pakistan is different from that of the US. America has her own interests in the region while Britain pursuers its own independent policy, he added. The people of Pakistan are infuriated over the unilateral American raid in Abbottabad taking it as an attack of countrys sovereignty, but was not the presence of bin Laden without any permission also a violation of sovereignty, he questioned. The terrorists (Taliban) with the help of al-Qaeda occupied Malakand in an effort to establish their own state within the state of Pakistan, did that was not against the sovereignty and integrity of the country, he posed another question. British High Commissioner while expressing his concerns on journalist SaleemShahids murder said that it is an attack on the freedom of press. In any country there is close relationship between freedom of press and quality of governance. Pakistan deserves better governance than it got. Pakistans government must care when journalistsare murdered in these kinds of circumstances. Pakistans government should investigate and bring the perpetrators of SaleemShahids murder to justice.