AHMEDPUR EAST - Four people including a man and his two sons died of suffocation while cleaning a gutter here in Qadir Town, a suburban area of Chowk Chacha Basti, on Sunday. As per detail, Muhammad Boota, a labour, a resident of Qadir Town near Chowk Chacha Basti had dug up a 4 feet wide and 15 feet long gutter outside his house for the disposal of sewage of his house. On Sunday, he called a TMA Sewer man namely Shahoo who was his friend to give a clean-up to the gutter. At around 9:00am Shahoo went inside the gutter but he did not returned which worried Boota who also went after him. Meanwhile, his worried sons 20-year-old Sajjid and 18-year-old Majid, when got no response from their father rushed for his rescue but they also fell unconscious after inhaling poisonous gas inside the gutter. A large number of locals gather on the spot called Rescue 1122. The rescuers pulled out all the four victims. Boota had lost life before rescue while the other three were fainted. They were rushed to Tehsil Headquarters Civil Hospital Ahmedpur East but all three breathed their last on the way.