SIALKOT  -    Rejecting Prime Minister Imran Khan’s claim that her father, Nawaz Sharif, had asked for an NRO, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz claimed yesterday that the premier would be asking for an NRO-like deal for himself in a few days.

Addressing a public gathering in Zafarwal area of Narowal district, where she also visited a PML-N worker Zakiur Rehman to inquire after his health, Maryam Nawaz said if Nawaz Sharif had asked for an NRO, “100 NROs would have fallen into his lap.”

“You keep talking about NRO [but] you have no authority to give an NRO,” she said, addressing Prime Minister Imran. “You will be going around asking for an NRO in a few days yourself.”

She said the talk of an NRO did not suit coming from a person “who is dependent on someone else for everything”.

Maryam said separate laws prevailed in the country for masses and the prime minister, who she claimed came into power by stealing the public mandate.

“Fake prime minister [Imran Khan] used to say there were separate laws for rich and poor in Pakistan, but the fact is that there is one law for rich and poor and the other for the selected PM,” she claimed.

She demanded ruthless accountability of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ‘corrupt’ companions saying that everyone should be held accountable.

She said the law also should be the same for everyone including Imran Khan. “There should be no separate law for Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan.” She accused Imran and his men of making the country destabilised economically through their container and Dharna politics.

The PML-N leader said that there would soon be an end to the prevailing political victimisation of Sharif family in shape of this targeted accountability.

She said Imran did not have his own vision and thoughts and he was speaking the language of others.

She said masses will hold accountability of the incumbent rulers who had thrown bombs on masses in shape of this crushing budget. She said the budget will bring storms of price hike in the country, besides forcing the poor to die of inflation before their natural death.

Maryam was of the view that only Nawaz Sharif had the capabilities to take country out of the present quagmire. Local MNA Mehtab Akbar Aziz, Ch. Daniyal Aziz and thousands of PML-N workers accorded warm welcome to Maryam Nawaz upon her arrival in Zafarwal. They also showered rose petals on her.

Maryam said the country was rapidly progressing and witnessing development in all areas until the PTI government took over from the PML-N government.

Maryam while referring to Prime Minister Imran said, “a person who never earned through his hard work” could never know how a common man survives while making Rs15,000 a month.

“Imran Khan lives in a 300-kanal house yet he pays only Rs100, 000 in tax,” she added.

Maryam said NAB was instituting another case against Nawaz for using bulletproof vehicles for his travel as the prime minister, but the bureau did not notice “Imran Khan using the KP government helicopter like a rickshaw while he did not hold any government office”.

She said the prime minister, when he had not been ‘brought into power’, used to say that there was one law in Pakistan for the rich and another for the poor. “[In reality], there is one law for the rich and the poor throughout Pakistan and another for the ladla (the beloved),” she alleged.

Apparently referring to the reference filed against Supreme Court’s Justice Qazi Faez Isa, Maryam alleged that the premier had sent a reference against a ‘transparent’ judge to the Supreme Judicial Council “because he is habitual of attacking from behind while hiding”.

“If you have the courage come forward [and] say, ‘I have sent [the reference]’, say ‘I have set up cases against Nawaz Sharif’,” she said while addressing the premier.

She said the loans taken by the PML-N government were spent on development projects and they were paid back with the profits earned.

“The crying and whining will no longer work. [You] will have to answer to the nation now,” Maryam said, addressing Prime Minister Imran.