ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF)'s sheer negligence can cost Pakistan squash dearly in the upcoming events as the federation is in deep slump.
There is hardly any activity witnessed for the past several months with the only exception of a so-called training camp established at Hashim Khan Squash Complex in Peshawar, where majority of the players didn’t even bother to turn up in the morning session. Despite knowing the fact that the players don’t want to train in Peshawar due to dirty politics, the PSF yet arranged a very ordinary camp there which will serve no purpose for players as well as for the PSF .
Previous secretary Wing Commander Abdul Wahab Marwat was always available whenever journalists used to visit Mushaf Ali Mir Complex, but now the situation is entirely different as new secretary, who has now spent well six-month time in office, but he is hardly available in his office and mostly remain busy in wandering around to get TA/DA.  This year, Pakistan has to defend titles at Asian level, but it looks highly unlikely that any title will be retained. Pakistani female squash is also at the brink as the tall claims of the federation were badly exposed by Indian Sachika Kumar, who brushed aside all the top female players of Pakistan. If these girls can't even manage to beat first-timers, how will it be possible for them to perform well against top players in international events?
PSF senior vice president Air Vice Marshal Syed Razi Nawab was present during the Bahria Town International Squash final and he promised that the female players would be provided with best available facilities and a camp in this regard would be established within a week, but after a lapse of almost a month, the promised is yet to be fulfilled. Secretary Amir Nawaz has also given his words that from now on, female squash will be given top priority and they will be trained under head coach Jamshed Gul but all his tall claims fell flat.
The reality is very harsh for the players, who were forced to eat very ordinary meal and walk on foot to reach training venues. This careless attitude of the PSF is needed to be changed or they must forget about winning titles even at Asian level. The year of 2013 had given a lot of hope to Pakistan squash as players managed to win back all the titles at Asian level. But the federation, instead of cashing on those achievements, got busy in personal projection and remained busy in crying about lack of funds, but not ready to provide the actual position of funds.
The people sitting at the helm of affairs can't even capable of issuing players’ rankings, how will it be possible for them to bring revolution. The year of 2014 looks like a very dark year for Pakistan squash until some kind of a miracle occurs or the PSF changes its approach. It seems as few people want to get rid of Jamshed, but they remain unsuccessful in doing so just because of his outstanding results.  If the PSF really wants players defend titles and bring more glory to the country then they have to work on war-footings as already too much time has been wasted on irrelevant activities. Solid steps and training camp at Mushaf Ali Mir Complex for both male and female players must be established under Jamshed as this will help the country regain past squash glory.