LAKKI MARWAT - Camel milk is becoming increasingly popular among the residents of the district after which camel keepers have raised price of the commodity to Rs200 a litre.

Increasing demand of camel milk among the locals has provided a good opportunity for camel keepers from Punjab, who bring their camels to the district and sell the milk in various bazaars.

Recently, a family from Shekhupura arrived in Lakki city and started selling camel milk. The family keeps six she camels. Taking advantage of the rising demand, the family started selling the commodity for higher prices compared to the cow milk locally available for Rs80 a litre.

Residents in rural localities keep cattle at their homes and use milk of cows and goats. In urban areas people use milk supplied from Punjab. Many residents also use packed milk for daily use.

However, the camel keepers are selling camel milk for Rs200 a litre. They patrol in city bazaars and on roads along with she camels and their young ones to attract people to buy the commodity. A banner displayed at a she camel carries the message of usefulness of milk for curing different diseases. The message says that camel milk cures all ailments and it is beneficial for those suffering from hepatitis, diabetes, joint pain and other diseases. Local residents especially traders and shopkeepers flock around the camels to buy milk as they think it is healthier and easier to digest.

 “We have six she camels with their young ones and get 30 litres milk from them daily”, said Bilal, a young camel keeper. He said the milk is sold like hotcakes in city bazaars. He said the family spent around Rs3000 to buy fodder for camels daily and saved huge chunk of money during daylong labour.

“The money is enough for the family living in tents in the outskirts of city to make both ends meet”, he remarked. A local journalist Gul Tayaz said camel milk was popular in the district as people in rural areas had been using it since long. “The milk is considered cold in nature and it is used in large quantity during summer season”, he said.   A medical expert Dr Abdul Rehman said camel milk is healthier as it has more iron, vitamin C and proteins and less fats. “The antibodies are helpful to making immunity strong and combat different diseases”, said Rehman who is a medical superintendent at the district headquarters hospital.


Ghulam Mursalin Marwat