One of the most awaited sessions of Lahore Music Meet Day 2 was with renowned singer Meesha Shafi titled ‘Made Meesha Shafi’ in which she highlighted her journey in the field of Pakistani music industry.

Meesha said the first time she came on stage was at Alhamra in Lahore just because of her mother who theatre actor. “I started my singing career with the band Overload but left in 2011. I was selected for the film without audition. Mira Nair invited me to meet her when she was in Lahore scouting for actors. At that time I didn't even know what I was going to meet her for but once the role was offered to me, I did not hesitate in taking it up. Opportunity comes, and I've been very lucky with that,” she said.

About his experience in Coke Studio she said it was just for a phone which changed her whole life and after that day her songs became hits all over the world.

“I achieved popularity for my collaboration with Arif Lohar on Coke Studio Season 3, with the song Jugni. The single with Lohar gathered over 20 million plus views on Youtube which was after then used in several films.

“It was a big opportunity to sing with Arif Lohar because he usually sings accompanied by a native musical instrument resembling tongs and his folk music is representative of traditional folk heritage of Punjab. So, I think collaboration with such talented artists is always an achievement and learning process in music,” she was of the view. 

She ended the session by telling her experience in the film Manto. “When I was given the opportunity to sing “Mehram Dilan De Mahi”, I sat down with co-singer to compose and tried to come up with a haunting tune and vocal. I sang the song after studying Saadaat Hasan Manto short fiction story which was about the communal violence in 1947,” she said.