JHELUM - The residents of Jhelum City have planned a protest against the DCO and ADCG on the occasion of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif visit to Jhelum. The Punjab Chief Minister is expected to inaugurate Ashiana Housing Scheme in the city on May 25. The residents of Jhelum have been protesting against the aggravating problems, especially the worst problem of sewerage and garbage. The entire city in general and the areas of Muhammad Chowk and Mohallah Chishtian in particular are confronted with worst kind of sewerage problems. These areas virtually lack sewage and sanitation system which has been creating multiple particularly health risks. The clogged gutters and overflowing sewage system have turned the streets and roads into ponds of filth while the stink has made the peoples life miserable. The people are of the view that they have time and again attempted to bring the attention of the district administration towards the civic problem, especially the sewage but nobody has ever bothered to address the issue. They vowed that they would stage a protest against the inefficiency and negligence of the district administration during the visit of the Punjab CM. \\