ISLAMABAD - Why the US Navy Seals did not arrest Osama bin Ladens wives and children residing at his hideout in Thanda Choha, Abbottabad, and the US demands the custody of these people now, shrouds in mystery. Since its onset, the Abbottabad operation episode has been marked with a host of unsolved puzzles. The post operation scenario only stands restricted to conspiracy theories, revelations, reiterations, accusations, counter accusations, official statements, inquiries and media briefings. Any proof-based authentic information has yet to come to light. Worlds most wanted terrorist was eliminated in Abbottabad operation. This is beyond doubt. What needs to be probed is that whose agenda is being served by the prevailing confusion? Even though much has been written and said about what happened in Abbottabad on the second of this month, one stays at loss to rid his mind of some brain itching puzzles. Why the US forces, during Abbottabad operation, had not arrested Osamas wives and children? The US claims that May 2 was well thought out and the US Navy marines had undergone several rehearsals on Osamas hideout-like compound specially constructed for this purpose, in US. If everything went the way it was pre-empted, with several squads of the US Navy marines staying at stand by position, how could it be that Osamas important and immediate family members were overlooked and were not taken away? Pakistans version is that when US forces had flown back to Jalalabad, the Pakistani security forces had entered the compound where they found Osamas three wives and their children. Why did not OBL family members even try to escape from the scene and stayed in the compound instead when so much happened before their eyes? At around 12:15 pm on May 2, 2011, upon hearing gunshots and explosions, the residents of Thanda Choha had come out of their homes. They were spotted with searchlights by Pakistani security officials sitting in the helicopters who asked them in Urdu to stay indoors. This was first reported in The Nation and confirmed by eyewitnesses appearing on television channels. If Pakistani forces had not participated in this operation, who were those people in helicopters then? Immediately after the Abbottabad operation was made public, the White House and Pentagon termed Osamas hideout as a 'million dollar compound. A single visit to Thanda Choha area confirms the actual land rates of the area which in no way match with such highly exaggerative 'million dollar figure given by the US. An area where one could not find carpeted roads and where existing land rates barely touch Rs3.8 million (around $ 45 thousand) per kanal, how could it be possible that a 6 kanals and 13 marlas house with reported construction cost of Rs 0.75 million and that was constructed in 2003 when land prices were roughly two hundred thousand per kanal, be a 'million dollar compound? Were Pentagon and Whitehouse really misled to such a laughable ignorance to ground realties? The number of causalities during the May 2 operation is also conflicting. Some reports suggest that Osamas four wives were in the compound, two of them died and two are detained by the Pakistans security agencies. Prevailing reports say that Osamas three wives are held by Pakistani security agencies. This newspapers information based on interactions with informed security officials in Abbottabad says that Osamas young son, his seven guards, and two wives were killed during Abbottabad operation. It stands beyond understanding as to why both the US and Pakistan have created confusion by not providing the exact number of causalities, injuries and detained ones. Sea boarding Osamas dead body in haste without any footage, photographs or proofs serves whose purpose anyway? If Osamas wife has really told the Pakistani investigators that her husband lived in Haripur before moving to Abbottabad, why any clue of his presence in Haripur could not be found? If a large chunk of weaponry, explosives and other useful information was found from Osamas compound, why has it not been made public as yet? What is the harm in sharing those USB flash drives and DVDs with the media? Why only five video footages, and that too, devoid of any authenticity, are released till date?