KHANEWAL - Sunni Ittehad Council Chief and Sahibzada Haji Fazal Karim has said that the rulers are following western democracy whereas they are following the lesson of true democracy practiced by beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) who introduced mankind to Islam which is a complete code for a respectable life.

Due to the defective and flawed policies of the successive rulers we have lost one part of Pakistan which is now called as Bangla Desh. Now due to the policies of the PPP government Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber PakhtunKhwa are asking for demarcation and anti-Pakistan forces are backing anti-state subversive forces, especially in Balochistan. SIC Chief Sahibzada Fazal Karim made the remarks while addressing Istehkam-e-Pakistan convention held here at Old Sabzi Mandi on Saturday. The convention was organised by the Sunni Ittehad Council Khanewal.

He pointed out that unemployment, poverty, hunger, dearness and worst electricity loadshedding had shattered the dreams of innocent people of the country, adding that this worst situation had been forcing people to commit suicides. The SIC chief that terrorism had distorted the image of the nation across the globe and anti-Islamic forces were working as allies against the Muslim world but the rulers were hell bent on reopening the Nato supply.

Sahibzada Fazal Karim pledged that the SIC would not allow any change in the anti-blasphemy laws. SIC Khanewal chief organizer Sheikh Muhammad Shafique Rizvi also spoke on the occasion.

The SIC chief lashed out at the incumbent federal government, especially Prime Minister yousuf Raza Gilani, saying it was shameful that the premier who had been convicted by Supreme Court refused to accept the decision of the court, adding that the PPP leaders were blaming the court. He warned the prime minister to resign immediately otherwise the whole nation would take to roads for a long march to oust Gilani from the Prime Minister’s House.

He also demanded the government that the basic salary of labourer should be fixed at Rs15,000 per month besides demanding an increase of 25 per cent in the salaries of government employees and Rs10,000 grant for widows from Baitul Maal.

Sahibzada Fazal Karim stressed drastic change in the prosecution system and alleged that the government was punishing Maulana Hamid Saeed Kazmi as he was an Islamic scholar. The SIC chief also alleged that the PPP government had broken all previous records of corruption as the rulers had committed corruption of trillions of dollars from the public treasury in account of rental power, NIC, Haj scandals, PIA, Railway, steel mills and chemical scandal. He also demanded a uniform education system, saying that education system should be equal for the children of MPA, MNA, landlord and the poor across the country.