The PML-N winning streak continued as the party made a clean sweep in all 10 National Assembly and 21 Provincial Assembly seats here in the district.

There are 11 National Assembly and 22 provincial assembly seats in Faisalabad district, however, elections in NA-83 and PP-51 were postponed due to the sudden death of one candidate from these constituencies.

According to official results, in NA-75 PML-N candidate Ghulam Rasool Sahi secured a thumping victory while election in PP-51 is yet to be held due to the death of a candidate. In PP-52 former speaker Punjab Assembly Afzal Sahi won the seat, PML-N candidate Talal Ch won NA-76, in PP-53 PML-N candidate Iffat Meraj Awan became victorious and in PP-54 PML-N candidate Rai Haider Salahudin stunned his opponents with a landslide victory.

Similarly in NA-77 PML-N candidate Ch Asim Nazir emerged winner, in PP-55 the party candidate Rana Sohaib Idress scored victory while PML-N candidate Rai Usman Kharal won the PP-56.

The PML-N candidates in NA-78 Rajab Ali Baloch, in PP-57 Jafar Ali Hocha and in PP-58 Shahid Khalil Noor knocked out their opponents with convincing victory. Similarly, the party candidates in NA-79 Shahbaz Babar Gujjar, in PP-59 Arif Mehmood Gill and in PP-60 Rao Kashif Raheem also got succeeded. In NA-80 Mian Muhammad Farooq, in PP-61 Naeemul Allah Gill and PP-62 Raza Nasrullah Ghuman of the PML-N won election. In NA-81 Dr Nasir Ahmed, in PP-63 Ajmal Asif of PML-N were declared successful candidates while in PP-64 independent candidate Zafar Iqbal Nagra won the seat. Reportedly he has announced joining the PML-N.

Similarly, the party candidates for NA-82 Rana Muhammad Afzal, PP-65 Ilyas Insari and PP-66 Haji Khalid Saeed won their seats respectively. In NA-83 election was postponed while in PP-67 Faqir Hussain Dogar and PP-68 Sheikh Ejaz Ahmed of PML-N bagged victories.

Whereas, the PML-N candidate in NA-84 Abid Sher Ali, PP-69 Mian Tahir Jameel and candidate for PP-70 former provincial law minister Rana Sana Ulllah were declared victorious. In NA-85 PML-N candidate Haji Akram Ansari, PP-71 candidate Malik Muhammad Nawaz and Khawaja Muhammad Islam in PP-72 scored victories.

On the other hand, PPP candidate for PP-65 central leader Raja Raiz and PML-Q central leader Ch Zaheer udin Khan lost elections from NA-77 and PP-55 respectively.