The Muttahida Qaumi Movement by winning 15 national and 33 provincial seats has succeeded in retaining its hold on urban pockets of Sindh province.

According to unofficial results, MQM candidate Iqbal Muhammad has been winning from NA-256, Nabil Gabol from NA-246, Rehan Hashmi from NA-245, Sheikh Salahuddin from NA-244, Abdul Wasim from NA-243, Asif Hasnain from NA-255, Sajid Ahmad from NA-257, Khawaja Sohail Mansoor from NA-240 and Sufyan Yousaf from NA-247. The MQM has retained its 33 provincial assembly seats in general elections and boycotted election to two national and four provincial seats inKarachi.

By securing 97,908 votes, MQM’s Syed Akhterul Iqbal Qadri has won NA-241 Karachi against PPP’s Ali Ahmed, who pocketed 3,700 votes. Mahboob Alam of MQM secured 165,000 votes defeating a PTI candidate who got 4,700 votes in NA-242.

The constituency of NA-243 has also been captured by MQM as its candidate Abdul Waseem has won with 67,119 votes. PTI’s Zahid Hussain Hashmi is the first runner up with 11,255 votes.

MQM’s Muhammad Rehan Hashmi has won NA-245 with 100,050 votes; PPPP’s Sardar Khan stood second with 5,600 votes. The results of NA 246 showed MQM’s Nabeel Gabol securing 167,280 votes against JI’s candidate’s 8,237 votes. MQM’s Sufyan Yousuf has won NA-247 by roping in 125,443 voters against PTI’s Rashid Siddiqui’s 1,651 votes. Lyari seats have gone to PPP as Shahjahan Baloch won NA-248 by bagging 84,530 votes. MQM’s Nabeel Gabol had boycotted election to this constituency.

MQM’s Dr Muhammad Farooq Sattar has won NA-249 seat by scoring 108,000, while his opponent PPP’s Abdul Aziz Memon could only bag 63,000 votes. From NA-251 Karachi, MQM’s Syed Ali Raza Abidi got 81,075 votes, while PTI`s Raja Azhar Khan with 39,766 votes gained second position. Similarly, MQM’s Syed Asif Hasnain received 142,000 votes and won NA-255 constituency as Jamaat-e-Islami boycotted election. JI candidate Abdul Jameel Khan however scored 18,000 votes.

MQM’s Iqbal Muhammad Ali Khan has won NA-256 by securing 165,194 votes while PTI’s Muhammad Zubair Khan got second position with 18,000 votes. MQM’s Sajid Ahmed won NA-257 by gaining 98,500 votes and PTI’s Dr Farooq Bangash stood second with 11,012 votes.

MQM’s Muhammad Azeem Farooqi has won from PS-107 Karachi with 56,791 votes against PPPP’s Abdul Wahid’s 20,000 votes. MQM’s Ashfaq Ahmed Mangi has won PS-127 seat with 50,600 votes and PPP’s Muhammad Ashraf Samoo got 17,500 votes. 

The result of the PS-119 shows that MQM’s Irtaza Khalil Farooqi got 117,000 votes and won while PML-N Ali Akbar Gujjar got 12,300 votes. MQM’s Nishat Muhammad Zia Qadri won PS-120 with 94,689 votes and PTI got 17,048 votes. MQM’s Syed Nadeem Razi got victory on PS-121 by securing 66,151 votes and PTI’s Syed Azhar stood second securing 12,055 votes. MQM’s Syed Khalid Ahmed won PS-122 with 80,000 votes while PPPP’s Naheed Tahir availed second position with 7,000 votes. PS-126 MQM’s Muhammad Amir Moeen Pirzada won PS-126 and got 58,025 votes while PTI’s Abdul Rehman Khan got 6,058 votes.

For the first time, the Muttahida Deeni Mahaz (MDM) candidate Orangzaib Farooqi has won a provincial seat. By securing 22,300 votes, MDM’s candidate won PS-128, while his opponent MQM’s Syed Waqar Hussain Shah took second position and got 12,700 votes.

The voting was suspended on three of the polling stations in the constituency due to the bomb blast at Landhi Dawood Chali as Election Commission has announced to re-poll on these polling stations later. While from the Hyderabad, MQM’s Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has won NA-219 with 134,686 votes as his opponent Ali Muhammad Sehtoo of PPP-P got 25,343. Similarly, MQM’s Syed Waseem Hussain has won the NA-220 Hyderabad by securing 117,230 votes, defeating Shaibzada Abul Khair Muhammad Zubair of JUP-N who got 15,000 votes.

According unofficial results, MQM’s Sabir Qaimkhani has won the PS-49 Hyderabad with securing 47,894 votes and PPPP’s Abdul Jabbar Khan got 5,500 votes. MQM’s Muhammad Dilawar Qureshi won the PS-45 with 63,861 votes while PTI’s Muhammad Usman got 10,075. MQM’s Muhammad Rashid Khilji took the seat of PS-46 by securing 67,962 votes, while PTI’s Ghous Bux got the second position, getting 5,664 votes. MQM’s Zubair Ahmed Khan has won PS-48 by getting 86,581 votes, while his opponent Rajab Ali Khaskhaili of PPP-P got 2,433 votes.