Although the outgoing ruling PPP has received a crushing defeat in other three provinces, it has somewhat managed to secure the vote to retain its power bastion of Sindh province by winning 69 seats, clearing the way to a coalition government.

According to unofficial results, the PML-N and PTI struggled to rope in voters in interior Sindh, a stronghold of the PPP since the 70’s. Influential families and traditional politicians have succeeded in entering the provincial assembly as expected.

Unofficial results say the PPP has won all national assembly and four provincial assembly seats, except one provincial seat that went to the MQM.

PPP’s Nauman Islam Shaikh has succeeded in retaining NA-198 a national assembly seat of Sukkur-cum-Shikarpur(I) (Old Sukkur-I). PPP central leader and former federal minister Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah has also returned to the National Assembly for next five years.

The constituency of PS-1 Sukkur-I has been won by MQM’s Saleem Bandhani with 19,000 votes against 16,000 votes of Anwar Mahar of PPP. However, PS-2, PS-3 and PS-4 have been bagged by PPP candidates Syed Awais Shah, Ikramullah Dharejo, and Syed Nasir Shah, respectively.

In Ghotki, Mahars of PPP and other candidates of PPP won all seats with heavy margin of votes. On NA-200 Ghotki-I, Sardar Ali Muhammad Mahar has defeated Khalid Ahmed Lund, who quit the party during filing of nomination papers, while Sardar Ali Gohar Khan Mahr has won on NA-201 Ghotki-II by securing over 0.1 million votes.

Sardar Muhammad Bux Mahar won PS-5 Ghotki-I, Sardar Ahmed Ali Khan Pitafi PS-7 Ghotki-III and former provincial minister Mehtab Hussain Dahar PS-8 Ghotki-IV for third time in a row.

The PPP has suffered a setback in Shikarpur as it lost its traditional seat of PS-11 Shikarpur-IV to PML-F central leader Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh. Taimoor Khan Pathan was PPP candidate from this constituency.

Besides, PPP lost two national assembly seats and one other provincial assembly seat in Shikarpur.

On NA-202 Shikarpur (Old Shikarpur-I) Dr Ibrahim Jatoi of NPP is ahead of Aftab Shaban Mirani of PPP, while former federal minister and PML’s leader Ghous Bux Khan Mahar has won on NA-203 against PPP’s Sardar Wahid Bux Bhayo.

PML-F’s another candidate Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Mahar, son of Ghaus Bux Mahar has succeeded in retaining PS-10 Shikarpur cum Sukkur (old Shikarpur II) against Kamran Mahar of PPP.

Meanwhile, on PS-9 Shikarpur cum Larkana (old Shikarpur I) Siraj Khan Durrani of PPP and on PS-12 Shikarpur II (old Shikarpur IV) Abid Hussain Jatoi of NPP ahead with heavy margin of votes against their opponents.

PPP keeping its tradition has won all seats in Larkana district, home district of founder of PPP Shaheed Zulfikar Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto.

According to unofficial results, the winner candidates of the PPP include Ayaz Soomro secured over 30,000 votes on NA-204 Larkana (Old Larkana-I) against Mahtab Akbar Rashdi of PML-F, who got only 10,000 votes. Among other winners, Nazeer Bughio on won on NA-205 Larkana-cum-Kamber Shahdadkot (Old Larkana-II), Mir Amir Ali Khan Magsi won NA-206 Kamber Shahdadkot (Old Larkana-III) consecutively second time, and President Zardari’s sister Mrs. Faryal Talpur Mir Munawar Ali Talpur won NA-207 Larkana Cum Shikarpur-cum-Kamber Shahdadkot (Old Larkana-IV) second time consecutively.

On provincial assembly seats, the Haji Altaf Unar has won on PS-35 Larkana-I, while PPP was not supporting him in eleventh hour of the elections due to internal differences in the party. PPP’s other winners include Sindh Assembly speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on PS-36 Larkana II, Khurshid Junejo on PS-38 against dissident of the party Haji Munwar Abbasi and Muhammad Ali Bhutto on PS-37 Larkana against the Amir Bux Bhutto of the PML-N, on PS-39 Kamber Shahdadkot I (old Larkana V) Ghulam Mujataba Isran, on PS-40 Kamber Shahdadkot II Mir Nadir Ali Magsi, PS-41 Larkana Cum Kamber Shahdadkot II (old Larkana VII) Aziz Ahmed Jatoi and on Sardar Khan Chandio has succeed victory on PS-42 Kamber Shahdadkot III (old Larkana VIII).

PPP has succeeded in all seats in Jacobabad and Kashmore/Kandhkot districts, which include Mir Aijaz Hussain Jakhrani has wonNA-208 Jacobabad (Old Jacobabad-I) third time against the Elahi Bux Soomro of PML-N.

PPP has retained all seats including on NA-209 Jacobabad-cum-Kashmore (Old Jacobabad-II) Mir Shabir Khan Bijarani and Mir Ehsan Rehman Mazari on NA-210 Kashmore (Old Jacobabad-III).

The PPP candidates have won all provincial seats in Kashmore and Jacobabad districts include on PS-13 Jacobabad-I Abdul Rauf Khoso, Sardar Muqeem Khoso has won PS-14 Jacababd II, former federal minister Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani on PS-16 Jacababd cum Kashmore (old Jacababad IV), Mir Ghulam Abid Khan Sundrani

PS-17 Kashmore I (old Jacababad V), and Dr Sohrab Sarki has won PS-18 Kashmore II against his brother Zulfikar Sarki of PML-N.

The NPP chief Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi has retained his victory on NA-211 Naushero Feroze-I, while PPP’s Asghar Shah succeeded on NA-212 Naushero Feroze-II against Aqib Jatoi of NPP and Syed Zafar Ali Shah of PML-N. Among provincial assembly seats, the PPP has lost two seats in the district as Masroor Jatoi has won PS-23 Naushehro Feroze-V against Feroze Jamali of PPP, Syed Murad Ali Shah of PPP on PS-20 Naushehro Feroze II, on PS-21 Naushehro Feroze III Sarfarz Hussain Shah of PPP and Abdul Sattar Rajper of PPP won PS-22 Naushehro Feroze IV.

PPP has also won all seats in Benazirabad, formerly knows as Nawabshah, home district of President Asif Ali Zardari as President Zardari’s sister Dr. Azra Fazal Pecheho succeeded retaining NA-213 Nawabshah-I second time consecutively, on NA-214 Nawabshah-II Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah, on PS-24 Nawabshah I- Tariq Masood Arain, PS-25 Nawabshah II Bahadur Dahir, on PS-26 Nawabshah III Faseeh Ahmed Shah, PS-27 Nawabshah IV Ghulam Qadir Chandio.

Similarly, the PPP has won majority seats in Khairpur district, where PML-N Sindh chief and former chief minister Syed Ghaus Ali Shah lost elections on national and provincial seats.

On NA-215 Khairpur-I Nawab Ali Wassan has won against PML-N Ghaus Ali Shah, while Pir Syed Saddaruddin Shah Rashdi of PML-F has won against Sajid Banbhan of PPP.

The PPP candidate Pir Syed Fazal Ali Shah Jeelani has won on NA-217 Khairpur-III against PML-F candidate. Besides, the PPP candidates are ahead in securing of votes in the district.

Meanwhile, former Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, former Home Minister Manzoor Hussain Wassan succeeded entering in provincial assembly. 

PPP parliamentarian’s chief Makhdoom Muhammad Ameen Faheem by securing over one lac votes on NA-218 Matiari-cum-Hyderabad (Old Hyderabad-I) against PML-F candidate Sarfraz Memon. Besides Makhdoom Amin Fahim’s son Makhdoom Jameeluzzaman has succeeded in retaining his victory on PS-43 Matiari (old Hyderabad I) for third time and Makhdoom’s brother Makhdoom Rafiq Zaman has won on PS44 against Muhammad Ali Jamote of PML-F. The PPP candidate Syed Ameer Ali Shah Jamot has won NA-221 Hyderabad-cum-Matiari (Old Hyderabad-IV). 

PPP candidate Jam Khan Shoro by securing 47000 votes has won PS-47 Hyderabad III against nationalist leader Ayaz Latif Palijo, who supported by ten-party opposition alliance.  

Meanwhile, former information minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has won PS-50 Hyderabad VI (old Hyderabad VIII) and secured over 50,000 votes against independent candidate Khavand Bux Jhehejo, who got about 27000 votes.

Meanwhile, former defence minister and PPP’s central leader Syed Naveed Qamar uz Zaman has succeeded in retaining NA-222 Tando Muhammad Khan for third time consecutively

Tando Muhammad Khan, besides all PPP candidates including Abdul Karim Soomro succeeded on PS-54 Tando Muhammad Khan and Syed Aijaz Shah Bukhari on PS53 Tando Muhammad Khan.

PPP has also won all seats in Tando Allahyar district, where Sattar Bachani of PPP by securing 60,520 votes has won NA-223 Tando Allahyar against Raheela Magsi of PML-N who got 28,599 votes.

Zia Abbas Shah Rizvi of PPP has won PS-51 Tando Allahyar against PML-N’s Dr Irfan Gul Magsi and Imdad Ali Pitafi of PPP has won PS-52 Tando Allahyar consecutively second time against Raheela Magsi of PML-N.

By winning all seats-two national and five provincial assembly seats, the former ruling PPP has succeed in retaining its victory in Badin district.

PPP’s Kamal Khan Chang securing 87, 670 votes has won NA-224 Badin-cum-Tando Muhammad Khan-I (Old Badin-I) seat, while his opponent Asghar Halepoto got 44900 votes. On NA-225 Badin-cum-Tando Muhammad Khan-II (Old Badin-II), National Assembly Speaker Dr. Fehmida Mirza by securing over 60,000 reached in National Assembly for third time consecutively, while her opponent Bibi Yasmeen Shah of PML-F got 39,400 votes.

PPP has also won all five provincial assembly seats including Mir Allah Bux Talpur on PS-55 Badin Cum Tando Muhammad Khan I (old Badin I Talhar), Bashir Halepoto on Ps-56 Badin Cum Tando Muhammad Khan II (old Badin II), Barrister Hasnain Ali Mirza succeeded winning PS-57 Badin I (old Badin III Tando Bago), Dr Sikandar Mandhro succeeded retaining PS-58 Badin II (old Badin IV), while on PS-59-Badin-Golarchi, PPP’s Muhammad Nawaz Chandio has won against Muhammad Ismael Raho of PML-N.

By entering in parliament in form of family, the Speaker National Assembly Dr Fahimida Mirza and her son Hasnain Mirza succeeded winning elections. 

PPP has succeeded retaining all seats in Mirpurkhas district as Pir Shafqat Hussain Shah has won NA-226 Mirpurkhas-cum-Umerkot(I) (Old Mirpurkhas-I) against PML-F’s Syed Qurban Shah, while Mir Munawar Ali Talpur of PPP has retained his victory on NA-227 Mirpurkhas-cum Umerkot (II) (Old Mirpurkhas-II) against Inayat Shah of PML-F. The PPP has won all seats of district including Ali Nawaz Shah on PS-65 Mirpurkhas, Haji Muhammad Hayyat Khan Talpur on PS-66 Mirpurkhas III and Jameel Buhrgari on PS-67 Mirpurkhas Cum Umerkot (old Mirpurkhas IV).

The former ruling party has succeeded all seats in Umerkot as Nawab Mohammad Yousuf Talpur Nawab by defeating PTI’s vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi has won NA-228 Umerkot (Old Mirpurkhas-III) for third time consecutively. On provincial assembly seats, the Nawab Yousaf’s son Nawab Muhammad Taimur Talpur has won against independent candidate Dost Muhammad Memon, PPP’s Syed Sardar Shah has won against PML-F’s Jadim Mangrio on PS-68 Umerkot I (Old Mirpurkhas V) and Syed Ali Mardan Shah has won PS-70 Umerkot II (Old Mirpurkhas VII).

According to unofficial results, Peoples Muslim League candidate Dr Arbab Rahim is ahead on NA-229 Tharparkar-I against Sher Muhammad Bilalani of PPP as results of some polling stations still not made public due to untold reasons.

The unofficial results showed that PTI vice chairman and spiritual leader of Ghausia Jamaat, Shah Mehmood Qureshi has clear lead against Pir Noor Muhammad Shah Jillani of PPP NA-230 Tharparkar-II.

The PPP’s Mahesh Malani has won against Peoples Muslim League on PS-61, while Arbab Rahim is ahead on PS-60 Tharparkar-I. PPP’s Makhdoom Naimatullah Zaman has lead against Peoples Muslim League Ghulam Haider Samejo, while PPP’s Gianchand is ahead on  PS-63 Tharparkar-IV.

Meanwhile, on NA-231 Jamshoro (Old Dadu-I) Malik Asad Sikandar has reached national assembly seat by securing over 75,000 votes against ten-party opposition alliance’s joint candidate and nationalist leader SUP chief Jalal Mehmood Shah.

PPP’s Sikandar Ali Shoro retained his victory against Jalal Shah of SUP on PS-71 Jamshoro I (Old Dadu I), Faqir Dad Khoso of PPP has won PS-72 Jamshoro II and Abdul Nabi Shah (cousin of former finance minister Murad Ali Shah who was disqualified by Supreme Court, has won on PS-73 Jamshoro Cum Dadu (Old Dadu III) against Malik Changez of PML-N.

In Dadu, PPP’s Rafique Ahmed Jamali has succeeded on NA-232 Dadu-I (Old Dadu-II) by securing 68, 681 votes for third time. On NA-233 Dadu-II (Old Dadu-III), Imran Zafar Leghari secured over one lac votes and won against PML-N’s candidate former chief minister Liaqat Jatoi.

Among provincial assembly seats former education minister Pir Mazhar’s son Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq of PPP has won PS-74 Dadu I (Old Dadu IV), Pir Syed Ghulam Shah Jillani of PPP won PS-75 Dadu II (Old Dadu V), Fayaz Ali Butt of PPP won PS-77 Dadu IV (Old Dadu VII), while PML-N’s Liaqat Jatoi has won provincial assembly seat PS-76 Dadu III (Old Dadu VI) against Mrs. Perveen Junejo of PPP.

In Sanghar, PPP’s Roshan Din Junejo has retained NA-236 Sanghar-II (Old Sanghar-III) against PML-F candidate. However, PML-F leader Syed Sadaruddin Shah by securing 74000 votes has won NA-235 Sanghar against Mrs. Shazia Marri, who got 61000 votes, while PPP’s Fida Hussain Dero ahead in votes on NA-234 Sanghar-I against PML-F’s candidate.

In six provincial assembly seats of Sanghar district, the PPP has won three seats including Shahid Thaheem on PS-78 Sanghar I against Pir Bux Khaskheli of PML-F, Muhammad Khan Junejo of PPP won against former opposition leader in Sindh Assembly Jam Madad Ali of PML-F, however, Sarfraz Dero has lead against PML-F candidate.

Meanwhile, Saeed Nizamani and other two candidates of PML-F won on provincial assembly seats against PPP.

Meanwhile, PPP’s Sadiq Memon has won on NA-237 Thatta-I against Shirazi, however, Shirazi group’s Syed Ayaz Ali Shah Sheerazi has clear lead on NA-238 Thatta-II against PPP’s Rameez Memon.

Meanwhile, PPP candidate Awais Muzaffar alias Tappi has won on PS88 against Shirazi group’s Usman Malkani, while vocal legislator and former culture minister, Ms. Sassui Palijo has lost against Shirazi group’s candidate on PS87, besides Shirazi group’s candidate has won against PPP’s Perveen Legharr.  

Meanwhile, PPP candidates won two national assembly seats including Shahjehan Baloch on NA248 Lyari, Abdul Qadir Patel on NA-239 Karachi-I, Ms. Sanya Baloch on PS109, Javed Nagori on PS108, Sajid Jokhio on PS130 Malir. However, Abdul Hakeem Baloch of PML-N has won NA258 Malir seat against PPP’s Raja Razak.