PakistanTeheek-e-Insaf’s swept in Swat valley as it won 2 National Assembly and attained five provincial assembly seats.

According to un-official results, there were 321 total polling stations in NA-29 constituency Swat where young PTI candidate Murad Saeed grabbed the NA-29 SWAT-1 seat with 35200 votes against JUI-F candidate Mulana Nizam ud Din, who has got 9300 votes.

While on NA-30 Swat-2 there were 296 total polling stations where the PTI candidate SalimurRehman won the NA-30 Swat-2 seat with 39600 votes, his opponent Engineer Amir Muqam of PML-N received 17600 votes.

PTI has won five provincial assembly seats from Swat - PK-80, PK-81, PK-82, PK-83 and PK-84.

There were 87 total polling stations in the PK-80 constituency, where PTI candidate Fazal Hakim secured 17787 votes against JI candidate Mohammad Amin who received 11480. On PK-81 PTI candidate Azizuulah Khan grabbed the PK-81 seat with 8000 votes against the JUI-F candidate Habib Ali Shah who received 7500 votes.

The PK-82 constituency PTI candidate got 1220 votes against the heavyweight PML-N candidate Engineer Amir Muqam, who received 6000 votes. On PK-84 constituency PTI candidate received 5800 votes against ANP candidate Ayub Khan Asharay, who grabbed 3800 votes.

While according to un- official result the two remaining constituencies PK-85 and PK-86 they would be won by PML N and ANP candidates critics expect. ANP candidate Syed Mohammad Jafar who secured 14262 votes against the PML-N candidate Sharafat Ali Khan who received 13709 votes.

On the last constituency of Swat valley PK-86 PML-N candidate Qamoos Khan who received 9575 votes against the PTI candidate Mohammad Zeb Khan 4500 votes.